Saturday, December 24, 2005

All I want for Christmas

If you're thinking that this blog is a deep insightful extension of the column, you'll be rather disappointed to know that sometims a girl just wants to ramble about the good things in life, and what tickles her pink. So it's Christmas, and the two of us have head our heads in a tizzy buying last minute Christmas presents (time creeps up on you, and before you know it that Christmas party is, like, tomorrow, eep).

As girls who love to spoil our friends, any old bit of taff just won't do. That means none of those horrid ormanental things they see in abundance at all those Christamassy spreads in the middle of malls, or in the RM5 shop. Yuck. Also, no candles, BodyShop giftpacks, the nth edition of The Da Vinci Code and/or Harry Potter (get over it already), recycled boxes of chocolate or photo frames.

So we've spent more time over lunch and coffee racking our brains for the perfect gift. Eventually I decided to get everybody one of those trendy rubber ducks from RoomInteriorProducts. Cute, colourful, almost arty in a kitsch way and comes in a variety of personalities to suit your favourite friend. Hence, fashion duck, disco duck, superstar duck, pop duck, darling duck, dotti duck etc.

And tomorrow I'm off to four parties all in one night to show off the gifts, collect mine (I mean, that's the whole point right? Giving and receiving? hehe) and flounce about in a green tafetta skirt.

Merry Christmas everyone, kisses kisses kisses

Friday, December 16, 2005

Hello there!

Hello, hello, hello !

Tis me, Trisha! I must admit that I'm not a very faithful blogger. I've started two blogs to date and they have both died sudden and painful deaths!
But this one's different. For one thing, Trix will see to it that I write (Trixie is a disciplined blogger!). Also, I honestly think that the idea of being able to write whatever, however, whenever is mighty appealing : )
The column is a great way to get the message across but as Trixie pointed out, deadlines are exactly that - a line that will render you dead when you cross it! So cheers to our little blog and please feel free to comment.
Till the next time - tarrar dahlings!

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Attention, attention

Much as we love love love our fortnightly column, we decided it wasn't quite enough for the loud mouthed, opinionted girls that we are. There needed to be more writing, more often, and without a scary deadline to account for each time. And so - a blog, where All a girl wants can live outside the newspaper page and where we can continue to plague innocent readers with our obnoxious little insights about this crazy city and all the fabulous people (read: boys) which inhabit it.

Don't forget to leave comments. After all, all a girl wants is attention... which is the basis of all this in the first place, isn't it? And we'd like this blog to be as much about you as it is about us.

x x x