Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Don't tread on a girl's tail

Oo er... this is looking rather sparse - we've both been up to our eyeballs in work and spend the rest of the day battling tremendous traffic. (Why does it take me 1 hour to get from PJ to Bandar Utama?) This leads to many a foul temper so we've both tried to stay clear of any and everyone lest we unleash a terrible temper and send the minions we work with running off crying. Aren't we generous?

Which brings me on to the subject of girls and their terrible moods. It must be acknowledged that while men are usually aggressive by nature, this doesn't always seem to be a bad thing: they just want to be top dog, leader of the pack, but mostly they remain chummy among themselves. They punch, they fight, then they extend their hand to help up the guy they just floored.

I've been giving this a bit of thought recently, and have realised that women - despite their sentimentality, their remarkable ability to emphathise with anyone who's suffering anything and their unceasing willingness "talk things through" - are far more dangerous to be with then men. Don't step on a girl's heels - if she wasn't in a bad mood and you put her in one, she'll remember that very incident for many, many years to come; if she was in a bad mood, well, you just made it worse and she'll remember you for that too.

Girls find extreme delight in scheming and planning and formulating extensive battle plans in their heads with the singular aim of bringing deep malicious harm to whoever wronged her. This isn't just the casual slap on the head, mind, but piercing, ugly words or manoeuvres that aim to bring deep seated harm into someone else's heart so it hurts them for far longer than any physical assault would. And what's most worrying about all this is, as I said before, the fact that she finds incredible sadistic delight in planning this whole thing. If and when the plan succeeds and the victim falls prey to terrible awful pain, the more extreme among us then rejoice further, celebrate, toast champagne to themselves in diamond-crusted flutes bought specially for the occasion.

So, lesson of the day: be very careful whose Escada heels you step on - she'll make you pay... and you wouldn't want to give her that pleasure, would you?

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