Sunday, January 15, 2006

Girls day out II

Ooh yes, we did have a fabulous one! Original plans were to go to the gym first before being greedos at the milkshake haven - didn't work. Only one of the girls did a work out. I stayed in bed, Trisha went out on an industrious errand and the remaining one sat at home nursing away a bad hangover.

Trisha's right - while boys have their boys nights out perving on girls' short skirts and guzzling disgusting amounts of beer (beer bellies are just never desirable - why don't men understand that?), girls take what seems like the milder option of making themselves sick over sugar and discussing very um.. enlightening things: like how to make the biggest cake in the world and marriage. Got slightly carried away there slating the whole idea of marriage before I remembered Trisha's married, and another of the girls is about to be - it's very easy to pretend you're forever single and living that life when you're among the girls, no matter what your marital or dating status.

And because of that, girls days out can be just that little bit naughtier than a boys night out - the difference is that while boys usually get inebriated and do (stupid) things while under the influence of external substances, girls are fuelled by nothing other than their own mischievous, scheming minds, all while remaining entirely sober. And when sobriety cooks up devious plans more cleverly and shrewdly than inebriation, it might be time to start being slightly wary of a girl's supposedly innocent girly luncheon.

Oooh but let's not give the whole game away....

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cookie said...

ha! an innocent girly luncheon... hides all manner of sins... and provides a decent excuse to skip the gym! endless stream of gossip mongering! Gourmet-ing or Gourmand-ing??? lol

but i must say it's a heck of allot more fun eh? *wink*