Saturday, January 14, 2006

Girls Day Out

It looks like I'd really better start writing coz the blog is now official! Besides, Trixie (who is a faithful blogger as you can tell) is going to finally get tired of me and tick me off! Air kisses to you Trixie

We both just went out on the town with two of our darling friends from the dreaded gym for a girl's day out(I'll tell you why the gym is a dreaded place in one of my column entries). It was all absolutely fabulous dahlings! We got all dolled up and aside from some precarious near misses when it came to being smashed by bad drivers in Bukit Bintang, everything else turned out well.
We went to this place that serves absolutely SINFUL cakes (the slices are so large that they're in danger of falling off the plate) and milkshakes and we sat around ooh-ing and aah-ing as only girls can.
I think girls need the company of just girls - to talk about boys, laugh at the silliest things (like people who insist on dying their hair blonde when they shouldn't) and take 'funny face' photographs.
A girl never outgrows something like that. I know someone who reads our columns who's sixty years old and still thinks of herself as a girl!
I'm home now and revelling in being energised by my girlfriends. The boys can have their beer nights out. Give me sugar and sweet company any day : )

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