Saturday, January 28, 2006

Gym bunnies

It's too bad Trisha's off in Bangkok and had to miss the publication of her own column entry about gyms this week. It's a hoot, absolutely hilarious and completely true... I'm quite sure she modelled the whole entry on me and the other gym girls we're both friends with - and if you've read the entry, you'll know that the caricatures she paints of narcissistic gym bunnies isn't very flattering (that's the point, of course). The problem is, the caricature isn't really a caricature - that's mostly exactly how it is. (And the poor People at the Corner really are left to suffer silently under their baggy tshirts).

So yes, the other gym bunnies and myself squeeze ourselves to the front because just love love love the attention and well, you know just how infatuated we all are with the adorable gym boys (Even if they are all gay). It's true, we have memorised all the steps, so we like to think we're doing our bit of community service by "being a guide" to the People in the Corner. Surely it's better to have someone who knows what they're doing in the front than someone who keeps falling off their step board? We've made friends with all the other Gym Bunnies, and we form a little alliance right up there in the front, preening in front of the mirrors and making eyes at our own fabulous reflections. (If I don't wear my glasses to those gym classes, my stomach looks a little more toned than it really is in the mirror). We wouldn't admit it openly, but we snicker silently in our heads when someone new to the class keeps missing a beat and can't figure out right from left ("right foot! right foot first!").

Arrogant, aren't I? Yes, well, see, that's a part of the whole act of the gym. You don't mean to be a gym bitch - you just end up being one, even if in parody. You don't start off meaning to be mean - but when shed a few pounds, manage to squeeze yourself into expensive lycra-tops and perfect the choreography so you're not fumbling about like a drunk, you feel you have reason to be smug. Gym Bunnies don't despise the People in the Corner for who they actually are, but for the constant reminder they pose of our former, unfit, baggy-tshirted selves.

But anyway, yes, Trisha is entirely right in her article. The Gym is a merciless place, turning even soft gentle girls into prowling mean-spirited cats. And so, in spite of my over-zealous arrogance, I tip my hat to the People in the Corner for not giving a shit about the Gym Bunnies and for having the perseverance to come back to exercise.... because that is the point right? To work out?


Anonymous said...


i do enjoy the article.. once am one of the gym bunnies.. dominating class with my group, intimidating other members in advance class..

nonetheless, it was fun! Am back at the gym after 2 years missing and my old spare tyre needed to be fix badly!

Shopaholic_Sinful said...

well I'm one of the gymbunnies.. and I dont forsee by being negatives to other people will help you to feel good about yourself.

Anonymous said...

i got the feeling that you and your friend is the member of People in the Corner with the baggy t shirt .. my advice to your friend (Trisha) work out hardly.


Anonymous said...

i got the feeling that you and your friend is the member of People in the Corner with the baggy t shirt .. my advice to your friend (Trisha) work out harder.


Anonymous said...

You lack self confidence and self discipline. The GymFreaks possess camaraderie, discipline, confidence, fidelity, live a healthy lifestyle and have busted their butts in them gym to shed a few kilos.

Anonymous said...

You have made a few contradictions, I don't understand how the gym could be a meat market if the guys are "gay". Wait, you meant happy, not gay.

Anonymous said...

Why don't you approach the gym freaks (gym bunnies)and display your attitude directly to their grills instead of the local paper.

Anonymous said...

The local FF gym bunnies could teach you a few things about perception and attitude. You need all the assistance offered with the negative remarks you displayed in the star.

Anonymous said...

I recommend you join Gym Bunnies Anonymous to discuss your problems, maybe those 20 plus kilos you are unable to shed because of all talk and no bite.

Anonymous said...

woooooooooooo, you suck!

Anonymous said...

It appears your bad attitude has rubbed off on me. However, I know it's possible to approach the gym bunnies and enjoy the good company, something you probably don't have (friends).

Anonymous said...

Don't be shy, stopping hiding your big (__o__) in the corner. Come on out and meet some of those bunnies, you might actually have a good time, which could make the time in the gym a little more pleasant.

Bubba said...

The bunnies in front of the FF instructor bust their butts and are far from being cat walkers. The so called cat walkers tend to be loners who strut near the weights.

Anonymous said...

Hey Girl...looks like you're inviting spits & spats with your one-sided views.

I'm a FF gymbunny too...but with good reasons for being at the front most of the time :-
1. To add to Bubba's comment - there's no way anyone can cheat in front of an instructor who's neither a Grand Fake nor a Narcissist. That's how we get better and stronger.
2. Go ahead and stand at the corner or behind the pillar. Unless the instructors have the peripheral vision of an eagle or the x-ray vision of Superman, don't count on them to get your workout technique right esp. when they have 50 ppl to take care of.
3. When you're in the frontline, you only need to take care of those beside & behind you. I've had my fair share of close calls when my head was almost whacked off my neck by those "corner ppl" who execute flying or roundhouse kicks without knowing the proper etiquette of accomodating their fellow gymers.

So it's not all abt the cut-off tops. Sure, they're a reward for all the butt-busting we go thru but it takes guts to stand in the frontline and loads of concentration to get the moves right.

See you at the frontline one of these days.

Anonymous said...

after gym..go to bookstore and buy books on self esteem...

Anonymous said...

I just read the last two comments and I agree, you have no idea of what is really going on up front plus weak minded. Maybe the extra 20 kilos around the waste is difficult to handle and you are ashamed of your physical appearance. I recommend you step up and stand in the center front or meet the gym freaks and get a few pointers. Stop looking at others wearing the low cut tops and butt hugging shorts, stop letting your mind think it's a meat market for others to land a date, this sounds impossible as most of the guys are sweet, so you or your friend stated. Focus on yourself, that's why you pay the fees for memebership. It's all about you and your waist line, beer belly or whatever you want to call the extra 20 kilos. I know plenty of people who are a little over weight and have a slight bulge hanging from the middle and they don't worry about how they appear in front of other gym members. The so called "gym bunnies" have several members who wear "baggy shirts" and they don't hide in the corner. I highly suggest and recommend you approach the gym bunnies and make some new friends as your partner is narrow minded and weak and dragging you down the gutter quickly.

Anonymous said...

some clarifications on gym bunnies.

1. not all adorable gym boys are gay. (try 'em so tat u know they are true straight fellows)

2. gym bunnies dont preen in front of mirrors for fabulous reflections. (we are only correcting our postures)

3. there are more than 10 reasons to fit into strecthable outfit (but defintely none is relating to just shedding a few pounds)

i guess the gym fee u hv paid has become worthless as u are supposed to be trained to be more self confident than lowering yourself.

open up your mind, not eyes only.

Anonymous said...

Trixie and Trisha,, you two need lots of work, recommend you visit a therapist for your lack of self esteem. Better yet, all that partying you two do should net you a date and "release" some stress and build your confidence. However, if you are unable to find a date, maybe you should look at your waistline. Now, if you discover it's the "20 kilo over" waistline preventing men from approaching you then make friends with the "gym bunnies". They will provide you with tons of encouragement and friendship, as long as you are not two faced towards them. Regardless of the amount of comments here, they really are nice people. I believe all the comments are meant to challenge you to stand in the center front and show your motivation and dedication to shed those beer guts. Y'all need all the encourage the bunnies have to offer. I truely believe y'all have blinders blocking your vision from the real deal. Good Luck!

Anonymous said...

For all you Gym Bunnies out there, I have tons of respect for you guys for the dedication to hard work and true friendship you display. My hat is off to you. Someday, Trixie and Trisha will recognize you for your values and not your shorts. Please forgive the two gals who write this blog for they are not aware of what they say and blind as ten bats. Again, keep up the hard work and see you soon. In addition, give my "BMW" a friendly smack on the (__o__) from the P.Bear dude. Adios, no more comments from P.Bear on these two losers with a "L" stamped on their heads.

gymbunnies myself! said...

i just dont get yur point. ohh pleasee dont start with the big t-shirt thingy. by all means there are a lot gym attire out there which cost lesser & looked like those expensive attire as claimed. i wonder what do you do at the malls yaahh? hiks

may i correct you a little bit? being in the front is not at all about the attention as we worked hard ourselves at all time + there's no saying that one should be at the designated places. why dont u go & ask those new comers reason being they are at the back? wasn't it because they are shying away not trying to make fun of themselves + haven't it been malaysian way to fill the back space first?

wouldnt it be intimidating having a new comer at the front not knowing what's next? i am not making fun of anybody here as I have been the backbenchers all the while until I have enuf guts to be at the front. reason being i felt guilty & trying not to spoil anybody's move at classes i am not familiar with. but other classes am good at of course i'm there at the front.

gymbunnies myself! said...


too bad if u find u're not part of any bunnies group as you have bad thoughts of other ppl in yur heart & that may i say misssyy is way too much risky for yur health.

i am very much going into my 3rd year at the gym & even longer period for other bunnies & we have achieved quite a lot along the way. since everyone is paying for such service u have no right to label anyone as a bitch kay!

ohh 4 gudness sake pls get yurself a life..

Z said...

Dear Trisha and Trixie,

I used to be one of the People in the Corner with really ugly, baggy t-shirt. But I gathered all my courage, made friends with the Gym Bunnies, work my butts off to the front and stayed!.

I have to agree with all the comments that have been posted earlier. I have a feeling that all this anger and disappointment is due to the fact that you lot are disillusioned by the amount of fun we, the Gym Bunnies, are having in front.

I would like to point out that we, the Gym Bunnies, are not perfect creatures. Not all of us wear expensive lycra-tops and we also make mistakes in class. But, WE DON'T CARE. We, the Gym Bunnies, are there to have fun with friends after a long, hard labour and stressful day in the office. The fact that the instructors all noticed us is because we respond actively to their ques. Imagine if you're one of the instructors, trying really hard to get the attention of the members, but nobody responded? How would you feel? It's people like us, the Gym Bunnies, that makes the class livelier. So don't blame us if we get all the attention.

Don't be a sore loser. I suggest that why don't you make friends, form your own alliances, try to have fun and respond more actively in class. You might soon realise that you will soon be one of the Gym Bunnies too!

Anonymous said...

hahaha.. there are some seriously sensitive gym bunnies out there! and errr.. maybe they are kindda missing the point.

May I offer a translation?

1) BOTH of you are NOT overweight and BOTH regularly DO become gym bunnies yourselves.

2) That you both are laughing at yourselves in all your ATTEMPTS to be the GYM bunnies and NOT the gym bunnies themselves.

3) The GAY remark is NOT to degrade the front liners, but to compliment them (hence "adorable") and label them as UNTOUCHABLE as you, trix and Trish, can't get them yourselves.

4) That both the article and the blog is maybe an attempt to entice and encourage the baggy t-shirted corner embracers and say "heck! it's ok!Hang in there.."

5) And both of you Trix and Trish do NOT have any confidence problems.. cos you have the GUTS to voice out all your foibles, idiosyncracies et alia in order to jump straight into the front line. If anything both of you are OVER CONFIDENT, exhibitionists and don't give a flying shit what anyone thinks.

generally, methinks that what you have addressed has hit a raw nerve with the gym bunnies... maybe it's all too close for comfort....