Friday, January 13, 2006

Looking pretty

Everyday, I stand in front of my overflowing wardrobe and think that same thing that every girl thinks at least once a week: "I have nothing to wear." I've wondered how it's possible that a wardrobe can have so many clothes and nothing looks good for the day.

Then I started thinking back to the days of university... when I lived off-campus for a year in a house with no mirrors and left the house every morning without a clue what I looked like. It was the same year I was editing the university newspaper which meant little sleep, no social life and the distinct indifference to what I looked like when I trampled onto campus every morning.

Strangely enough, I seem to remember that I got the most attention from boys that year - everyone wanted to flirt with me, and one of the boys I ended up dating for a bit told me he'd adored me from a distance the entire year. My first thought was not that it was so romantic of him to be pining away from afar, but that it was slightly blind of him to have thought my mullet (growing out from GI Jane hair, or lack thereof) and oversized jumpers were in any way attractive.

The other day, I traipsed out to meet some friends in, literally, something I just threw on. Giant skirt, old t-shirt and ungroomed hair. They all exclaimed that I looked so lovely that day. Like, how?!

Then, if and when I throw on something magnificent, new, shiny, disgustingly, beautifully in fashion, nobody bats an eyelid.

So perhaps I should stop trying, start improvising on the spot with whatever my hand first picks out from the lucky draw of my wardrobe. Everyone seems to love me better that way - dishevelled, ugly, uncoordinated. Au naturel, maybe?


cookie said...

Dear Trixie,

Have you ever considered the fact that those who know you, "love you" for all your glorious abandonment for anything sane, logical, fashionable and remotely wallpaperish...Therefore any try hard effort to conform into soceity is just NOT YOU! So how, pray how to embrace the idea of ol Trix in fashion? *Aghast*

Anyhow, you would ONLY receive comments from those who actually know you... and even if total strangers from afar thought "what an ugly cow!" - well, do you REALLY care???

So Darlink, I would suggest that you just forgo any slight inklings about blending in and just be yourself...The one and only Trixie Kwan!

Dory said...

Darling Trixie

You would look hip and cool if you accidentally went out with a curtain wrapped around you... maybe that would even start a trend...

From someone not even in the same realm as the word fashionable xx

MengLeong said...

hey i read ur column today.
i always wanted to know what a girl really want....

ur attached but act like ur single?
i like tat fact of being single.
but when i come across couples..
holding hands and waist.
sharing ice-cream...
nothing but envious.

overflowing wardrobe but nothing to wear?
thats what happening to ppl nowadays.
including guys!

timbergurl said...

I have the exact same problem. Everytime I open my warbrobe, I tell myself, "I need to get more clothes..."