Thursday, January 05, 2006

The new year!

Happy Noo Year! Hope you all had a splendid one. I had a quiet one this year, determined not to expose myself to the sweat and grime of a hundred people and terrible traffic. Did any of you manage to brave it? So I greeted 2006 in a house full of crazy women, mulled wine and a girl who spent all evening trying to make a battery-operated spaceship fly.

As for the four Christmas parties on Christmas Eve - they each got better than the one before it. The last one - absolute madness in a house full of immaculately dressed, beautiful boys, though none that were remotely interested in me - they were all gay. Which brings us back to that unending question of why just about every decent looking, interesting guy here in KL just ain't straight... something to ponder over the next year.

Anyway, there's now another 12 months to change the world, achieve world peace, become a better person etc etc I've made no new year resolutions this year so that I wouldn't have to break any and feel guilty the rest of the year. I am hoping, however, that 2006 will bring something slightly better than 2005, which was just awful for most people I knew. But anyway, let's not complain. It's only the first week of January and I should spare everyone my cynicism, if only for this month.

Trisha seems to have disappeared into a void of her own busy schedule so I shall have to poke her in the eye and get her to start writing again. Nobody wants to be subjected to my endless, tiring insights to nothing in particular.

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