Sunday, February 05, 2006

A re-education on what it means to be able to laugh at ourselves

My my, what a furore! We go away for a few days, and come back to find ourselves pelted... and all over a few mock air punches at the gym.

Dear readers, you seem to have rather missed the entire point of the last entry and the column in the paper. That being that I myself am a self-confessed frontline gym bunny, proud of it, proud of other gym bunnies, friends with other gym bunnies and proud of the people in the corner for their perseverance. (Re-read the entry, this time with your intelligence buttons turned ON). And that despite her raised eyebrows and smitchy comments, so is Trisha - think about it, she wouldn't be writing so zealously about gym behaviour if she herself wasn't hanging out there so very often.

And we love it most for the drama found within the whole gym scenario... as has been evidenced in its spillover onto this blog.

The point is, me lovelies, that while this is our view of how things are, they are also supposed to be caricatures, parodies - and like all caricatures, they're meant for us to laugh at ourselves and the gross exagerations of our silly foibles. The snarly comments going on down below only goes to illustrate Trisha's point about just how terribly seriously some of us are starting to take the gym.

Don't get too het up over a few faux hits and air punches down the frontline - it'll up the stress levels and we all know that's never good for health and fitness.

See you at bodyattack tomorrow - you can muscle me down to the ground then :)


Anonymous said...

Trixie, you are just as guilty as Trisha, don't go into denial. Now you are acting as if it was fun at yourself and others but in fact you two directed it at the so called gym bunnies. I have a feeling you pushed a few buttons and possibly a little shaken. I read the star plus this blog and both of you took shots at the bunnies. They take their gym workouts serious but have fun while working out with a group of friends. I don't believe you have made any friends based on the comments. However, if you and your gal pal apologize, then maybe the comments would be a little more positive.

gym bunnies myself! said...

i had the best laugh ever! first & foremost pls go & get both yourself straighten up. there in the article you're smashing or shall i say relaying yur sad feeling with envy towards the gym bunnies & here now you're saying that u guys r very much gym bunnies yurself. & all u know all the while it has only been the smiles & small gestures like hello. duuhhh....too many mandarin orange aighht?

gymbunnies myself aka kucailiah said...

hey girls....

after reading your previous entries we kinda get the whole idea of your actual attitude.

no doubt u r those new grads who have just started knowing the real world. still living in those fancy world u have had during UNI days & thinking that the world revolves only around u ppl.

no pun intended, but i guess as times goes by u guys became matured yurself!

psst: i do have few entries featuring the so-called gym-bunnies. come & get to know us yaahh..ciao!

Anonymous said...

my dear trix... now, now, sheath those claws... that comment is rather bitchy " (Re-read the entry, this time with your intelligence buttons turned ON)."

Can't say I blame you tho... maybe you need to write articles that are less "sensitive" and easier for the average Malaysian to understand thereby reducing the caustic comments. It's not their fault they don't understand wit.

OR maybe you are dong it deliberately to push some buttons..... muahahaha!

Anonymous said...

Hey girls, why not you wear those bunny stuff (if you are the gym-bunnies too) in bodyattack class today???

BTW, please get your life back and live in reality. You kinda low self esteem and morale!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Trixie n Tricia, your article about "all a girl wants is..." are very plain and worth nothing. As if both of you are writing without soul and meaningless. There are a lot of things out there you never (or dont want) to discover and good for your articles. You seems living in your own world and created your own fake life. Girls....why dont both of you stay at least 1 nite with the girls around Chow Kit area. Ask them, what they want???? I bet you dont even dare to go there and ask them. That's where your life begin!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey's perfectly ok to be self-deprecating (I sometimes do it myself), but you shd also realise the fact that not everyone will appreciate or understand such brand of humor. So isn't it a tad unfair (not to mention insulting) with your "intelligence button" statement?

Life goes on. Instead of starting another round of debate, I'll just vent my frustration in a body combat class.