Wednesday, February 15, 2006

You look like crap, darling.

I was a friend's party the other day - big reunion of the closest friends who hadn't caught up in over a month. Then one of them turned up, huffing and puffing about just how awful it was at work. She sat down, ate some food, moaning all the way about excessively late nights spent at work and the lack of any free time.

Then she turned round to me and said, not without a little maliciousness in her tone of voice, "What happened to you? Did you get lazy? You don't look good anymore. You looked better before."

I was aghast at the over-enthusiasm that came with this frankness. She was referring of course to the fact that she thought I had gotten fat. It was a point she brought up the last time we me, even though numbers hadn't moved on the scales and my clothes all still fit as perfectly as they did "before." She continued: "Yah... you just don't look good anymore lah. You looked much better before. I'm sure."

I pointed out that perhaps it was because I had just eaten a huge dinner and was, quite obviously, sitting slouched and overfed on a sofa. "No lah. It's not that. You don't look good anymore."

Then she added, "Sorry lah, I know that's not very encouraging. But it's true lah," just to rub salt into an overexposed wound.

Two days later I met up with a favourite gay boy of mine, who's known for his tireless bitchy remarks. He surprised me though: "How are you? Long time no see, eh? Hey! You lost weight lah!"


So I'm ready to throw up my hands and surrender to the neverending debate on my weight that runs its course throughout KL. I'm quite sure if you search hard enough, there'll even be a yahoogroups forum running especially on the fluctuations (imaginary or not) on my weight. It's just so tiring it's enough to make a girl just want to give up on that neverending illusion Size 0 and resort to cheesecakes for comfort.


Anonymous said...

Maybe you should look at dropping some weight. This way, your so called "friends" wouldn't be able to remark about you losing weight but would be forced to make other comments such as your hair, nails, clothes, shoes and where have you been for the last few months. Fitness First has plenty of trainers who can provide enough "one on one" and assist you with reducing the gut. If your gut is that large, I don't see you dropping any weight with good old fashion hard sex with a regular BF. Recommend you visit FF for a free consult. In addition, maybe you should check your diet, exercise alone is not enough to drop a large amount of weight, especially if it is rolled around your wasit. Don't be too hard on yourself, I know guys who like to go shopping and browsing for full size ladies. Wait, I have a better idea, why don't you spend as much time and energy in the gym as you do with this blog and other articles you share with the public.

cookie said...

whoever "anon" is above can you please reveal yourself????

full size here wishes to be browsed for!!!!!LOL

Anonymous said...

Wow! Anonymous above seems to have a stick up his/her annonymous ass. Everything's not about F-ing FF for F's sake! Get a F-ing life!

Anonymous said...

Wow, looks like I pushed a button or two here. The note above is correct, life is not about "FF" but the fallout continues from the article in the Star. Oh, by the way, if you think you are tough enough, "man up" next time I see your "defend the Trixie/Trisha" duo who probably can't shed a kilo or pick up a guy because they don't know the difference between a real man or a gay one. These two ladies are so blind as to what life is really about, they are only concerned about their cosmetic behind and how others dress or act. I haven't figured out if I should dislike these two or feel sorry for them but one thing for sure, They need lots of improvemnt in all areas, mostly their self esteem. The saga continues and if the above mentioned would like to join in, please feel free to speak with me directly at the gym and lets see how large your tummy is along with your tailend. I wonder if you even received a rose or two for Valentine's Day, maybe the duet on this page sent you a few roses. Try me again and maybe I will stick my "stick" up your backside.

Anonymous said...

Wow ! Looks like I was right. You ARE a person who's always at the gym. You even want to 'speak to me directly' at the gym. You just live, eat n sleep there don't you? You poor thing! You say that the Trisha/Trixie duo are the ones talking about how others dress or act (which is true) but you are no better. You are the one who wants to see how 'large my tummy is along with my tailend'.
One last piece of advice - correct your own flaws before pointing them out in others.
I presume if I'm "man up" ( btw while you're correcting your flaws maybe you can start improving your English as well)I'll meet you at the gym but hey, guess what - I HAVE a life!
This is the last time you'll hear from me, Loser! Good luck in getting a life!

Anonymous said...

My goodness, I hurt some feelings again. "Directed at my bud above, for the second time". Let us address your flaws since you want to avoid the discussion. I do want to meet you at the gym, then we can address the issue of your weight and crack size. How about we look at your life, check your diet, lack of a personal trainer, sitting on your backside all day while at work and most of this is probably the "loser" in you not having a life and you sit home most of the time. Maybe it could be not having a b/f or g/f to spend time with and you are depressed. I really miss you and want you to post a few more comments. I will rub your tummy if you show it to me. :)