Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Girl talk

Last Saturday, I had a few girls round for dinner. Faced with the prospect of an evening in confined spaces with 4 cackling girls, the boyfriend exiled himself to the bedroom. The brief half-an-hour appearance he made just to fix his own dinner (he had to eat, after all), was subjected to plenty of bullying, as only girls are capable of inflicting. He quickly ran away upstairs, preferring the company of my mother.

The racousness, vile jokes and catty gossip ran away with us and before we knew it, five hours has flown by. Then my dear father came home. We saw the startled expression on his face as he rounded the corner and found himself confronted by a table full of chocolate and a loud group of girls (really, even four girls are capable of making an immense amount of Noise). The girls were very polite of course, saying their hellos and putting on a few minutes of good behaviour. He was still rather scared off, and took himself upstairs as quickly as he could.

The question is: why are men so terribly frightened of girly company? A girl is often more than pleased to plunge straight into a big group of guys, share a keg and pitch in a few of her own dirty jokes. She'll put her feet up, toss her hair back and get comfy as one of the boys.... But it doesn't seem to work the other way round. More ofthen than not, boys seem to run screaming at the mere mention of a Girl's Night Out. Could it have something to do with the rather sinister sugar-coated deviousness behind these gatherings that all men are subconsciously aware and wary of?


Anonymous said...

If your boyfriend invite a group of his guy friends over for dinner, would u feel comfortable or have anything common with them to talk about?

Or if your father invite a group of his male friends over, would u join in?

Anonymous said...

Of course.

Women are taught from a young age to sit quietly, listen, answer questions… and later in life ask questions which make other people comfortable or at ease.

Men are taught from a young age to be the centre of female attention.

You have to be in the right mood to hang out with any group… but I think that woman are often more flexible (especially when on their own).

We probably are less flexible in a group (hence the behaviour of the men in Trixie’s story.) But hey, why should woman always be the ones to make others feel comfortable?

Aku Di Sini said...

I'm not scare, just shy.