Saturday, May 27, 2006


We've been horribly disconnected from Internet access. Trisha is off on holiday and I'm stuck here with a disfunctional Streamyx modem (and their awful customer service centre just can't seem to get their act together to fix it... three weeks and counting). The only way to do anything is to squat at Starbucks (and drink their horrible lukewarm, burnt coffee).

Oh dear, I'm in a very petulant mood today.

We've been meaning to blog more regularly (um, like every other day) but time seems to fly away with us and before you know it's been two weeks and we haven't met deadlines. So much for efficacious writers!

Anyway, yes, we have wanted to blog more often but are worried that it's going to just end up being about where we went for tea and what we bought at the sales. Then again, that's what 99% of blogs out there are all about anyway and people seem to love reading drivel. After all, we're not going to be able to come up with life-changing, earth-shattering theories and revelations every time we blog, eh?

The question is: would you like to read more drivel, if it means that we write on a more regular basis?

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Sisterhood vs Brotherhood

Has anyone noticed how men always back each other up? From lying for their friends to keeping secrets, 'the boys' seem to have an unspoken bond (dubbed the Brotherhood) which is virtually impossible to break. Just ask them for the details of a bachelor party or even a boy's night out and you'll know what I mean.

I wish I could say the same about the Sisterhood. I think we have to admit that the Sisterhood needs a boost. I don't deny that we ladies do support each other but behind all those heart to heart chats over cups of Starbucks coffee, The Green Eyed Monster can lurk dangerously close to the surface. From what I've observed, the inhabitants of Venus find it a lot harder to deal with rivalry and jealousy than Martians do.
Men compete on the playing field and at work but the buck stops there. They're able to live up to the "its not personal its business" motto.

The Sisterhood, on the other hand only seems to work well if we're all united against a common enemy to support a good cause (hence the success of various women's groups.) However, when we're left to our own devices its a different ballgame.

Successful working women seem disinclined to help their female underlings. In fact instead of backing each other up, these women tend to be threatened by ambitious women like themselves. I have come really close to strangling certain Lady Bosses who take unconcealed pleasure in tormenting rather than teaching their female underlings. Only the horror of prison (and those unspeakable outfits they make the inmates wear) has kept me in check!

In the relationship arena I think the bonds of brotherhood prevail. For example, if his friend cheats on his wife, it’s the wife’s fault. “She must have been some sort of control freak, that’s why he had to look elsewhere for companionship.” If the wife cheats on his friend it’s still her fault. “What a slut. He’s better off without her.”

Not so with women. If the man cheats, it’s the woman’s fault for not knowing how to keep her man. If she cheats on him, it’s her fault for not trying harder. All right, maybe the judgment isn’t always that harsh but I don’t think I’m totally off track either.

Don't get me wrong, I adore the depth and emotional support of female friendship. Which woman can live without it? I just happen to think that we still have a long way to go before we have a true connection that has nothing to do with men or with anything other than the fact that we’re women. But is this just all in my head? Do tell me what you think....

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Women create their own demons

I feel I should write a big deep post but, quite frankly, I can't be bothered. It is just so hard to wake up on Saturday mornings.

God, a girl can be just so lazy, can't she? We've been promising ourselves and each other that we'll blog more frequently but err... we can't seem to find the time (because we're such hard working girls with a huge life - HAH!) or we can't think of anything interesting to say... Then we sit around worrying that nobody is reading our blog and we stress out and convince ourselves that nobody loves us, boo, sob!

See, women really do over-exaggerate and create their own imaginary problems. Or is it just us? :S

Going back to bed. Gaahhh... Bye bye. Write to us lah
T x x x