Saturday, May 27, 2006


We've been horribly disconnected from Internet access. Trisha is off on holiday and I'm stuck here with a disfunctional Streamyx modem (and their awful customer service centre just can't seem to get their act together to fix it... three weeks and counting). The only way to do anything is to squat at Starbucks (and drink their horrible lukewarm, burnt coffee).

Oh dear, I'm in a very petulant mood today.

We've been meaning to blog more regularly (um, like every other day) but time seems to fly away with us and before you know it's been two weeks and we haven't met deadlines. So much for efficacious writers!

Anyway, yes, we have wanted to blog more often but are worried that it's going to just end up being about where we went for tea and what we bought at the sales. Then again, that's what 99% of blogs out there are all about anyway and people seem to love reading drivel. After all, we're not going to be able to come up with life-changing, earth-shattering theories and revelations every time we blog, eh?

The question is: would you like to read more drivel, if it means that we write on a more regular basis?


delphynus said...

sure. why not? ;)

LadyVanity said...

well i wouldn't mind!