Friday, June 16, 2006

London town!

I'm in London!!! (typing away on a fabulously rickety keyboard which doesn't have a proper functioning spacebar, so pardon any typos).

Haven't been back since I left uni three years ago so it's incredible fun to see old friends again, which was really the main reason for coming back here. So you can imagine how irritating it is to go out with said friend to a fabulous bar with splendid lychee martinis and get harrassed all night by drunk ugly men with bad fashion sense.

Which makes me wonder why it is that when you're trying to be desirable and adored and demanding attention, nobody bats an eyelid in your direction. Then when you'd rather everyone bugger off so you can just do the plain old girly-time thing with a friend, they all come round and bother you.

It was also a timely reminder of just how stupid and over-used all those chat-up lines are. One of them kept asking me my name - if you can't remember my name when I just told you it 10 minutes ago then your constant attempts to be charming and endearing fail from the onset.

Another one (with something like a strange French accent) asked me, "Are you Cor-wan?"


"Cor-wan! You are Cor-wan?"

*rolls eyes* I eventually figured out that he was asking if I was Korean. Then he ran through the whole range of races - English? Thai? Japanese? Even Indian because I was wearing a pendant of a Buddhist/Hindu deity (how he could think a Chinese girl was Indian or English, I don't know. Dumb Westerners think we're all the same).

And really, all I wanted was to hang out with Elisa, take lots of stupid photos of ourselves and gossip about ex-boyfriends. Oh well, at least the drinks were good.

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