Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Soapin 'n Mopin

Hello All!!!! Okay, obviously I'm not dead nor am I trying to avoid blogging. Despite what Trixie said in the previous post, I'd rather if you guys do not resort to poking my eye as I'm kind of attached to both of them : )

The reason I never really blog about everyday stuff all that much is coz I'm never sure if anyone is really that interested in the everyday goings on in my life.

Today is a good example. The most interesting thing I did today is to clean the bathroom at home.Being the spoilt diva that I am, I can't really remember ever having cleaned a bathroom before in my life except for that one time in Uni when I was feeling particularly domestic.

Anyway, we have a maid who comes in and does it usually but I thought I'd give it a shot. Boy, was I suprised. First of all - its a good workout. All that bending over and lifting of pails filled with water is at least as a good as an hour at the gym.

Next, I believe endevouring to stay upright on the slippery, soapy floor and not break your kneecaps is a skill in itself. Phew! I had a few close calls I tell you!

All in all, I must say that I have a whole new respect for people who clean for a living. Its hard enough when you've got to clean up after yourself but cleaning up after other people must be particularly aggravating!

Will I try the cleaning thing again?! Probably, especially if I'm too lazy to go to the gym!

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delphynus said...

don't worry...we'd read anything u write... ;)

have a good day!