Wednesday, July 26, 2006

The big fat Malaysian sale!

Okay, so half the people I know are convinced that I've got more boy-ly genes in me than girly ones because of things like my apparent innate fear of commitment and my lack of girly hair-tossing, giggling, highly made-up traits.

Oh whatever. I know I'm definitely a girl.

And the huge obsession with shopping proves it.

Oh my god. Such totally divine sales. And the gods have been kind to me this month by sending lots of cheques my way. The voice of reason tells me I should save for Big Important Things like a house or a car or health insurance for when I fall down a stairs one day because I tripped over my own skirt.

But you know how it is when you see Beautiful Yellow High Heels and you have to have them. I've planned my whole week around when I'm going to town to buy them. Knowing my luck, my size will be all out but it's okay, I'll just spend the money on something else... as you do!

I don't even like KLCC and now it's full of very slow moving tourists, who all seem to be incredibly big. The Arabs are great etc but everytime I see a woman all covered up in black, it makes me think of those poor women in the Middle East who get killed and beaten up by their families and it makes me want to CRY.

So. KLCC depresses me, and I seem to have real bad experiences whenever I'm there. ONE: Did an interview with some woman there once and then (oops) spelt her name wrong and she threw the biggest hissy fit EVER. I apologised, the newspaper apologised, and she was still being a bitch about it. Now everytime I walk past her store, I feel like running in and addressing her by the wrong name just to piss her off.

TWO: The floors are too darn slippery there and make my legs hurt from trying not to fall down.

THREE: There is nothing good to eat there.

FOUR: Parking is shitty and scary.

FIVE: The shops are a mess because there's too many people.

SIX: The air conditioning is terrible there.

And yet, despite all this, I'm going all the way there to buy shoes (you can't get them anywhere else - I've checked!). They bloody better well have my size.

And when I finally get them, I damn well better have lots of men kissing my feet.

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Anonymous said...

hmm... wat great lenghts we gals go thru to buy something tat we adore...! lol... ( i guess it's in our genes...!)
Too bad that the column will no longer b around...! I find it really interesting what u gals have to say...! Luckily this blog is still around for u all to pen ur thoughts and for us to read & comment...! keep on writing (blogging!) & enlightening us...!

thx! angelina