Saturday, July 15, 2006

COLUMN: Money Minded Maidens

Gold diggers. They're the ones who give women a bad name when it comes to money. Kanye West wrote that hit about them (with Jamie Foxx lending his heartfelt vocals as backup) and I can't say I disagree with what they have to say!

Look at Donald Trump and his wife. It isn't love that's blinding her to his ghastly crowning glory, its bling, bling, bling! I could be wrong but I seriously doubt it.

I must say, though, that this sort of stereotype view of women and money may not be as straightforward as we think. Women who love money can't be all bad or can they? Here's my take on it...


All a girl wants... is a rich man, or so everyone believes.

I’m not sure if the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach but it often appears that the way to a woman’s is through his wallet!

There is currently no scientific evidence to prove or disprove this theory but the notion is popular. I wonder if Cinderella would have been so quick to admit that the glass slipper was hers if it was a pauper who had come a-calling instead of a prince.

Even the Frog Prince was royalty. What if the princess had kissed the frog and he turned into the Imperial Lavatory Cleaner? She would have immediately gargled with Listerine, thrown him back into the well and lived happily ever after with the next prince who asked for a kiss!

Perhaps it was prudent back in the old days to look out for a wealthy mate if you were a woman. Society didn’t take too kindly to independent, single women and the quality of a woman’s life depended very much on the sort of man she married. So it made good sense to try and snag a rich husband.

Fast forward to the 21st century. Women everywhere are earning for themselves and there is little practical need to resort to ensnaring a man for his money. But I think few women are going to cling to their careers, in the name of female independence, if the opportunity to chuck it all away presented itself in the form of a well-heeled gentleman with a marriage proposal.

I can almost hear a number of women out there exclaiming that I’m inexcusably cynical and ridiculously old-fashioned. They’d probably tell me that there are plenty of women who genuinely enjoy their jobs. Besides, love has nothing to do with money and true love will just as soon live in a hovel than a mansion (these are the same women you’ll spot in the romance section of MPH).

True, but there are many girls who recognise that true love doesn’t pay for Astro, the monthly instalments on the Beemer or the holidays in the Caribbean.

Yes, compatibility and physical attraction are certainly essential. However, if a woman is brutally honest, she’d tell you that a tycoon with a propensity for being late is far more tolerable than a tukang kasut with the same tendency, and that it’s a whole lot easier to overlook a hairy back and skinny legs on a rich man than a poor one.

Men seem to buy into this idea of women as well. Men who aren’t very athletic or easy on the eye compensate with affluence. This type believe that with women, it’s all about size – the size of your bank account, that is!

I am in no way suggesting that women are money-hungry creatures, in search of a man with riches to satisfy their insatiable thirst for luxury. Lest you think I’m declaring that all women are on the prowl for rich men, let me explain. The way I see it there are just two kinds of women who aim to bag a billionaire.

The first consists of women who just want tons of funds without having to lift a manicured finger for it. They are usually known as gold diggers and are regularly referred to by assorted unsavoury names not permissible in a family paper! They’re the ones who don’t mind a philandering husband as long as he’s a rich one. Their existence, unfortunately, creates a bad reputation for all women.

The second category of women doesn’t discount love and romance but they place financial security slightly higher on the priority list. These women are guilty of nothing more than being extremely pragmatic in a world that is often unforgiving of the underprivileged.

They’re respectable girls who don’t mind earning a living but don’t really rake in big bucks on their own. To them, securing a wealthy husband is much like having a diverse investment portfolio in the stock market – if something flops, you’ve always got back-up.

So, unless she’s a heartless fortune hunter, perhaps a girl who values riches a little more than romance is not the fiend everyone thinks she is. She may not be a hopeless romantic but she’s certainly a clever minx.

After all, no one can deny that it’s a good idea to protect yourself in a big, bad world with a big bundle of cash. Shrewd girls learned long ago that it’s a lot easier to part a fool and his money than to earn it themselves!


Anonymous said...

Goldiggers are the worst type of women. I've been a victim of one of them and I know all about it. I really don't like women who like money.

Joolie said...

You're right. These gold digers are giving the rest of us a bad name. Money is important but not if you have to give up your dignity for it.

KC said...

Money isn't important compared to love. Why should anyone make money so important? C'mon, isn't that why the world is in such a mess in the first place. I think anyone who thinks money is more important than romance is terrible