Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Mamak Culture vs Smog-Free Air

I have a confession to add to Trixie's but it has nothing to do with writing - ok its got something to do with writing but its more about WHERE I'm writing from....

Did I confuse you guys? Alright. I'm not in Malaysia at the moment. I'm away in East Africa. Tanzania to be exact. If you're wondering what I'm doing here, so am I - no lah!

Actually, I'm here coz my husband (The Engineer) is a consultant in the capitol city - Dar Es Salaam and I thought - what the heck? How often does someone get to live in an exotic location, anyway?
Besides, I just know that I'll regret it one day if I don't and if you guys have been reading the column - you already know how I feel about LDRs! (long distance

I've been here a couple of months and was initially SO homesick that it hurt to blink. Then everyone told me that I'd get over it in about 3 months. Its coming
up to that now and they're quite right. I'm still homesick, of course, but it doesn't hit me like a ton of bricks anymore.

The fabulous thing about this place is that the air is SO clean everything looks like its being viewed through ultra sharp, super contrast, Technicolor.
Plus Dar is right next to the Indian Ocean and I promise sometimes, the water is violet!

The downside is, my friends, family and darling cat aren't around and sometimes I want to be home SO much that inhaling hazy smog seems like such a tempting option.

So, there's my big confession. I'm continuing with my writing via email (thank goodness for the Internet!).

I miss going to the mamak and do think of me everytime you go. Mamak culture is such a Fabulously Malaysian thing lah!

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