Monday, July 03, 2006

PS: Grammar

I'm sure you'd already noticed but I've only just seen that there are a million mistakes in the last column entry - inconsistent grammar, inverted commas in the wrong places and reads about as smoothly as the traffic does through all those traffic lights on Jalan Maarof.


After sending it in with spotless, perfect grammar (because I am an anal grammar queen) and character to make it a more interesting read (it is a column, after all, not a news story) somebody hacked it into pieces and instead of editing it for the better, made me sound like I didn't make it past my GCSEs. I mean, he/she's only editing for the largest newspaper in Malaysia - couldn't they get the punctuation marks right at the very least?!


And, because I'm anal like that, I'm replacing the column entry below with my original unedited copy.

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sarath said...

now it's alright