Saturday, July 08, 2006

A snob's guide to socialising

I'm not sure what Trisha (or you) are going to make of me sort of taking over this blog, but well, too bad, you'll have to bear with me!

I was sent out for an event yesterday down Asian Heritage row, and as I tripped my way down the little glitzy street of preeeeetty bars and things, realised just how little I've been out lately. Like, where the hell did all these places come from?

Turned into a right little old hermit, I have, and become one of those creatures of habit that end up trawling the same old places. This is how it works: at the beginning of every week, friends and I are always, "Oh let's go out this weekend! Go to town and go gila, yah?" By Friday evening, we're all "Aiyoh, so damn far away lah. Sure get stuck in traffic jam. Just go to Bangsar lah." Then we'll end up in La Bodega, or worse (and even less original), the mamak. I bluff myself into think I'm being patriotic to what's truly Malaysian.

Yes yes, I have no idea what's cool or not anymore.

I confess
I'm SO not in the "in crowd"
I'm SO getting old beyond my years


I'm developing more refined tastes (depending on how you look at it).

See, the clubs just don't agree with me anymore. In fact, they almost bore me. All the same people, same music (house, house, RnB, house, more house, RnB, and the occasional bad techno), same old game, just in a different setting. (And nobody plays drum n bass, which is the only thing I like).

Since when did the KL clubbing scene become so samey? And when did the clubbers all start looking like clones of each other? *sigh* And why lah are the drink so crappy in the all the supposedly hottest places? Why is it that there's always too much vodka in the vodkatonics?! I know we're kiasu, but too much vodka and it tastes like you're drinking baygon. Won't someone tell the bartenders that sometimes less really is more! *whinge whinge*

…Which is why yum beautiful cocktails in adorable colours, an excellent menu and a great view has become preferable, in my older age, to overcrowded small-spaces, squeezing through a million people just to pee, stale smoke, bad drinks, smelly oily people, and having your feet stepped on by stilettos all night.

And so Luna Bar, Bijan, Cafe Cafe, Hilton's lounge, Tiffin Bay, Attic, Qba (on its quieter nights), Eest make for some of Allagirl's most favourite places. They're all places with lots of leg room, enough space to think, boooooootiful decor and lots of joy to make you stay all night – all of which are essential for socialising!

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Anonymous said...

Probably because your biological clock is ticking and telling you to get married soon or you will become an old maid.