Tuesday, August 01, 2006


I've been trying to drown my sorrows in the Indian Ocean off Dar Es Salaam, Tz after I found out the news about the column (btw thanks for your support...we really appreciate it, you guys!).

Husband and I went on a short day trip to Bongoyo Island about 20 minutes away from Dar by boat.

Its a tiny, tiny island and there's absolutely nothing on it save a couple of thatched roofs supported by circular wooden pillars but its so very beautiful. The water is so clear, you can see almost to the sandy bed of the ocean. I actually fell asleep under one of the thatched roofs.

There are a couple of local people who remain on the island during the day to look after the tourists and such. They're also in charge of meals which consist of freshly caught fish and prawns which they grill and serve immediately with a dash of salt. I swear, its got to be the best fish I've ever tasted!

The guys who clean the fish, do it on a little inlet of water and Husband and I saw some really creepy, prehistoric-looking creatures all crowding round for some fish innards. They turned out to be some sort of eel. Husband managed to take a pic but for some reason I can't seem to upload it...

Anyway, it was a good thing we didn't trip and fall into the water. I think those guys would have thought nothing of having our toes for lunch!

POST SCRIPT: I suddenly realized that the picture I posted earlier is really ugly. So I've removed it coz it doesn't do justice to the beach at Bongoyo. I shall post a better pic if blogger ever let's me download one properly!

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Anonymous said...

Hey - post the picture of those eels...we'd like to see them