Sunday, August 13, 2006

False Judgement

Funny that Trisha seems to dead on right about first impressions and I so totally suck at them. (This isn't an entry about how Trisha's got it wrong, but about how damn clouded my own judgement is). I almost never get it right and so, so often, the people I think are fabulous end up being nothing special at all; and the people I can't stand within the first five minutes, end up being my closest bosom buddies.


Sara, primary school friend - Because Sara was so disgusting smart and everybody loved her, I, of course, had to hate her. She was just so damn perfect in everything and she kicked everybody's ass in maths so actually we all didn't like her very much. But you know how kids are when they're 10 - fickle, stupid and terrible judges of character, I changed my mind pretty soon and we became, "like, best friends forever!!!" And despite her moving all over the world, and me being crap at writing, we're still in touch 13 years later, while in two far-flung countries.

Mika, uni friend - I found her completely unlikeable and unberable in the first week of university, I even found myself ringing home and ranting about how much this girl in my flat was totally doing my head in. I thought her arrogant, pushy, bitchy and completely in my face all the time. Eventually, we ended up being housemates in the 2nd year and hung out almost every all day, every day.

Eleni, uni friend - When you're in the north of England and an American suddenly shows up it annoys everyone, just by virtue of them being American. So when Eleni raised her hand and asked a question with her big American accent and totally perfect Californian blonde hair in our first MA seminar, I thought, "Oh god, here we go. Just what we need - a talky American. Just my damn luck to be in her group," and rolled my eyes to myself. I ended up travelling to Greece with her for 3 weeks and staying in her family home with her grandmother, extended family and goats.

BiBi, random KL friend - I'd heard a lot more BiBi before I'd met him so when I was finally face to face with him, I was all, "Hi! You're the famous BiBi, huh? It's real nice to meet you" (and I didn't even mean it sarcastically), and he just gave me this really forced smile like "Get out of my face, you stupid girl." And I was all, "Hmph, thinks he's sooooooo special. So damn sombong" and stayed out of his way. Then we ended up in Nepal and you know, all those temples and Tibetan tea and stuff makes everyone so aimable. Now I tell him all my problems, rant at him, and SMS him all sorts of random shit in the middle of the night, and vice versa.

I'm not sure if it's a blessing or not that the people I so instantly dislike usually end up being such great pals... Might have saved myself a lot of trouble though, if I wasn't quite so quick to judge, what with my crappy sense of judgement and all. In any case, I admit I do feel a whole lot guilty later when I remember how I totally hated them at first. Sometimes I tell them and we have a good laugh, and if I don't, well, errr, they're gonna find out about it now anyway now that I've blabbed it on a blog.

And well, if you do ever have the (mis)fortune of meeting us, perhaps you better go make friends with Trisha first cos I may just get it all wrong.

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bbkpoh said...

OMG! Last night while i was painting my warpaint to go to work then I had an "eureka" feeling! I remembered that incident...all this time I always thought we met at KLIA airport onour way to Nepal!!!

Gosh! Yeah I remember now, yes, I was a little "curt and plastic" that day... that day was the day the assistants made a mistake and got a major shelling, so we were all on our toes and massively lacking sleep haha. And you know lah, when you have a Dark Cloud hanging over your head, and you just want to wallow in "poor me self pity", suddenly a bubbly burst of sunshine hops over and gives you a brilliant smile and say HELLOO! in a semi falsetto voice, the meow claws come out a little hahaha.... just a little mind you. I remember asking TR would Funshine Carebear Girl was... TR laughed so hard i called you a Funshine Carebear and said..." ooo Smitchy! hahaha" Yes, believe it or not, although i was so wallowing, your burst of carebear stare did change my day. Sorry lor that I was such a Diva.