Thursday, August 10, 2006


Wooh, it's been far too hot to do anything, so I'm using that as excuse for not doing anything.

I did, however, drag myself out of the house today to go swimming. Typically, silly me decided to go at noon, when the sun was scorching down at its worst.

I love sun
I love sun
I love sun

I want to have a big fat tan that will make me glow in UV light.

So bring it on.

I just looooooooooove being tanned and tanlines are like little badges of victory. Hurray me for withstanding the heat and sweat and sunburn for a great all-over oliveness. (Am not one for those whitening things - they're scary! And I look green like a lizard half the time anyway, don't need any more help with getting pale thank you).

So I persist and slab on the oil and bake with my mind completely set on having skin as olivey as Ciara and as evenly coloured as Trisha (who has such nice skin that it's almost legitimate for me to hate her a little bit). Chinese skin lah, you know, is always so damn uneven and got that dull, horrid fair thing going.

When I'm in these sorts of moods I forget how shitty sunstroke feels so I go out and have little bikini celebrations, masochistically enjoying the pain of being fried.

Of course, today happened to be an extra evil sizzling, hotplate afternoon of skin cancer waiting to happen. And now, twelve hours after having spent only half an hour in the pool, I feel like leftover barbeque meat, and really, pretty horribly ill.

And I didn't even get tanned :(

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