Thursday, August 03, 2006

Interior decorating

The Boyfriend and I are in the process of decorating an apartment we just bought. I have a friend who is 150% couply, absolutely no more sense of herself as an individual person, and she thinks that this sort of thing is The Most Exciting Endeavour Ever - you know, that whole thing about having more excuse to spend 150% of your time being couply, and making couply decisions like what crockery to have. Now, the first question she asks me after "How are you?" is "Have you moved into your apartment already?" *yawns*

Me, it makes me want to hurl a vase across the room, and then hurl on the floor.

Trisha was right. That thing about opposites attracting is nothing but a big pain in the ass. It's just so interesting when you're such different people - over coffee tables and dinnertime it's so anecdotal and everyone thinks it's fascinating. Bah.

But when you're trying to do something practical like decorate an apartment and one of you likes Contemporary Zen and the other likes Boho-Vintage, you're bound to be at odds at everything from tiles to curtain railings.

See, this means things like:
- he wants an edgy spanking-new living room out of Wallpaper; I want a vintage living room out of Vogue
- he wants neat, ordered, symmetrical corners; I want assymetrical, antique, worn-out furnishing
- he hates bookshelves; I love books
- he loves big impressive light fixtures; I love lamps
- he wants wood pannelling; I want retro mosaic tiles
- he wants big block curtains in plain colours; I want textured, coloured curtains

Ad infinitum.

In this case, it means that the finished product will end up being either 1) something that one person totally loves and the other totally hates or 2) something that neither really likes that much. So at the moment, if anyone tells me they think that opposites attract thing is endearing, I might just have to poke them in the eye with a fork.

Yah, yah, we know, compromise and self-sacrifice all that schtuff. But see, compromise becomes that much harder when Nothing At All overlaps. It's like Brave New World meets 1920s French Cafe. How?!

Anyway this whole thing is really depressing me - interior designing is supposed to be fun but at the rate we're going, I think I might begin to prefer having my teeth drilled.

Other alternative: don't move in together. Wheeeeeee! This property is just so draining. Take a leaf from yogis - go single, live in a cave and eat berries. Simplicity is key.


Anonymous said...

hmm... there's 2 sides to a coin.. in anything...! lol... if opposites don't attract.. then wldn't life b so boring??!!u wld hv a 'yes -man /woman' & things wld be so hum-drum... lol..

well.. to make a relationship work... it needs compromise... (on both parties)of course not to the extent that u neglect ALL ur needs & wants... lol

well... I'm sure u'll come out w a mighty fine solution... somehow... *winks*


Anonymous said...

You guys have been living together for a couple of years doing fine - the new place just brings some extra pressure.

But you know what, in the end the important thing is you guys click. I think it is this consumerist society which tells us that we move into our magazine looking homes (whether Vogue or Wallpaper) at the age of 25.

At 25 my parents were living in overseas with hand me down curtains and tables picked up from the side of the road.

My advice, don’t “fit it out” Get what you need to move in and then live there. acquire stuff along the way.

*wonders if I am couply friend*

Trixie said...

K, is that you? Heehee... Thanks for advice (everytime I whinge about it!) and if it IS you, then no, you're definitely not the couply friend. Weird you'd think so though, cos I don't think I ever see you as being like that!
Love, T xxx

Anonymous said...

Ya it's me.

And you know the deal, you never feel so couply until your SO is away and you realise how dependant you are!

Jack0 said...

wah.. an interior designer nightmare.. *sigh* hope things go well ;p