Sunday, August 27, 2006

Misery loves company (so leave a message)

Sorry for the absence. I was away in Cambodia for awhile (hanging out, being holy at the temples of Angkor Wat, eating posh gelato in boutique hotels – as you do!) and since being back have been in one of those crappy moods. Was afraid that if I wrote anything, it’d come out sounding bitching and petulant so I’ve gone hiding under my duvet until better days.

All I’ve wanted to do is eat mooncakes (indulge that slightly Chinese part of my heritage), and watch cartoons. The unfortunate demands of work have required I actually get up and make a few phone calls to difficult people (which only serves to irritate further), but time has otherwise been spent trying to find order in the world through the rounded, happy storylines of cartoons.

Trisha has been sending worried emails from across continents. “Where are you? Are you alive? Did you get off that plane from Cambodia?!?!?!” That only reminded also of just how totally irresponsible I am, and self-absorbed.

Then I’ve been pondering injustices of the world – how people mistreat their maids, how my uncaring, slightly wicked aunt abuses her dogs, how unsuspecting teenage girls get tricked into prostitution etc etc Which all makes me get my knickers in a twist and want to cry.

Then again, being overly sensitive is a girl’s prerogative, no?


*feels like a pink ostrich, and wants to just stick her head in the sand for a few weeks*

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