Wednesday, August 16, 2006

One Million

This is what a cool million looks like. Yep, ladies and gentlemen, I'm officially a millionaire….. I wish!!!

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This is actually one million Tanzanian Shillings and is worth about USD1,000.
Each note in the picture is worth TSH 10,000 which is approximately USD10 (about RM38.00)

I was counting it all out carefully when I suddenly realized that I had a million in my hands. I thought I'd better relish the feeling coz this is probably going to be the only time I'm ever going to have this much money - in cold, hard cash!

I actually grabbed a fistful of it and threw it up in the air (like they do in the movies) only to regret it instantly because the window was open and I narrowly missed losing a few TSH10,000 notes.

I was on the brink of floating into a daydream about being The Queen of The World and having a never ending supply of moolah when I was rudely jolted back to reality by a call from my travel agent.

You see, the only reason I'm having so much cash with me is coz Husband and I are about to pay for a trip to the Serengeti. My travel agent was calling to check when I was going to meet him and he totally ruined my fantasy. Darn that Manoj!

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Anonymous said...

Ooooh! *sings* Only in Kenya… or Tanzania.

How exciting for you Dolly.