Thursday, August 24, 2006

The Perfect Man

The Perfect Man - what can I say? As far as I'm concerned he's more elusive than a talking harimau.

Even the Marrieds will sometimes wonder wistfully if they settled for Mr. Less-Than-Perfect especially when Husband fails to empty out the trash or can't grasp that the laundry basket and not the floor is the place for dirty underwear.

But we all know, at the back of our minds, that the Perfect Man, much like the conversational harimau, is a myth. Anyway, wouldn't the Perfect Man also be perfectly boring?

I'm by no means advocating that we adopt the 'siapa cepat, dia dapat' attitude and marry the first man who asks. Its a delicate balance between knowing what you want and loving what you've got.

But for those who insist and persist on waiting for the mythical creature that is the Perfect Man, here's a peek on how you might end up...

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Makes Mr. Less-Than-Perfect seem a lot more attractive, huh?!


bbkpoh said...

The perfect man will exist, when the perfect woman materialises to compliment his perfection. The perfect Woman will exist when men strive to be perfect to be deserving of a perfect woman. One comment I remember from a John Lone movie, only a man can be a perfect woman.... that said, it also means, only a woman can be the perfect man.

Anonymous said...

well.. I think when ur in love... u will look past all the imperfections and love & accept the person for who there are... n yeah... he becomes the perfect man for u..!!
well.. nobody's perfect!!! ;b

Navee said...

i think perfection is a personal measure. but i also agree that perfect is boring. although easier said than done, learning to accept someone for his/her imperfection is a challenge but if u can do that, then i think u've found the perfect fella