Monday, August 14, 2006


Tanz (short for Tanzania) is the neighbour's cat. He lives downstairs in my apartment block and is a real cutie.

I really miss my kitty Charley who's back in KL with my mum and sis and Tanz is a real help to me.Like all kitties, he's really curious and will enter my apartment if he happens to be outside when the front door is open.

Today he walked straight in like he owned the place and proceeded to scratch the furniture. Thankfully he didn't leave any marks! Then he sniffed around the place and decided to leap up on my computer chair in the study after which he suddenly got this really thoughtful look on his face.
Here he is, contemplating the meaning of life….

He can be frequently seen padding round the perimeter of the apartment complex like he's guarding the place and follows his Brazilian owner everywhere. He even sits patiently at the edge of the pool while Raul completes his daily swim. I think he's convinced he's a dog!

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Sarclover said...

Tanz is so cute! great 'look of contemplation' caught on camera there.

i am like stuck between the rules of logic and also the luring appeal of mere superstition. i wanted si much to snap a pic of my kitten, Tin Tin who is about 4 months old but was warned off by my sister that we might lose the cat should i do that...

uu... sorry for rambling in here... hehe.. great blog.. loved your columns when they are still running... a pity they stashed it.. but never mind.. i will keep my eyes peeled in here..

Trisha said...

Thanks for the vote of support about the columns!

Is there really a superstition concerning photographs and cats? Didn't know that! I shall keep a sharp lookout and make sure Tanz doesn't get lost...

Btw, Tin Tin must be adorable. Kittens are such darlings!