Thursday, September 14, 2006


I'm Baccckkk!!! Hello all!

The word 'all' probably doesn't apply anymore coz its either going to be only two people (namely Trixie and me) or three at most who are reading this blog since we've taken such a long hiatus.
So, to the third person who's still checking in - thanks for sticking around!

I've finally moved into my new place and more importantly, I now have internet access. Woo hoo!

Its apparently a broadband connection but the operative word here is apparently. Still, its better than nothing. I shall endevaour to post more often now that I'm finally online again.

The bad thing about the new apartment is that we now have satellite TV (its called DSTV and is an Astro equivalent). They have this channel called E! which we don't receive in KL.

I'm totally transfixed by the completely useless, utterly frivolous but absolutely delicious programmes they have on. Shows like "Girls of the Playboy Mansion" and "10 Ways to be Hollywood's next Starlet" are such a fabulous waste of time!

Two days of watching E! turns one's mind into mush so I quickly ran out and bought myself Time magazine. So far, E! is still winning when it comes to keeping my attention!

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red-applepie said...

don't worry you guys still have me here