Friday, September 22, 2006

Blogging and Balding

I just saw someone wearing a T-shirt which proclaimed "Nobody Cares About Your Blog". I thought it was fantastic (the T-shirt not the fact that nobody cares!) but it did make me giggle a bit nervously.

I think blogging is therapeutic but it can often feel like an exercise in futility. Trixie and I have come really close to pulling our hair out in large clumps out of sheer frustration. We (like almost every blogger in blogosphere) are constantly worried that nobody really reads our blog and that we're just rambling to ourselves like a couple of loonies.

People who regularly read your blog are like real friends. The only difference is that they're unseen, unheard and generally completely invisible unless they leave some sort of comment. Either way, its always nice to know someone out there is 'listening'.

So, here's a thanks to all who have left a comment. You have no idea but some of you have totally saved us from becoming a couple of bald women - trust me!


delphynus said...

dun worry...there are people still reading your blog.

and this new layout looks much better than the previous...less stressful to the eyes :)

keep up the blogging though. i agree it is indeed therapeutic.

eirene83 said...

haha, i agree on both counts:

don't worry, people are reading...
and blogging is great!

i'm just glad that you're both still blogging; i loved your column in the star... agreed with them too, on more than one occasion :)

Trisha said...

Ah! We have feedback!!
Writers always say that any feedback is good feedback but let's face it, everyone prefers compliments over criticism!

So thanks for the encouraging words, guys! Saved me, yet again, from another hair-pulling session ; )

red-applepie said...

you guys are funny. still early to get balded though

Sarclover said...

Don't worry about the readership for your blog. there will always be someone who is bored enough to surf the net and stumble upon the blogs taht we bloggers have so painstakingly (kinda?) wrote...