Friday, September 29, 2006


I have been duly chastised. An annonymous reader has implied that I have sent out a rather mixed/negative message in my previous post.

My critic highlighted that some people are naturally thin or they might be ill and that could be the real reason behind their 'bag-of-bones' appearance, so who are we to judge?

Its true that we can't tell the real reason someone is extremely thin (or large for that matter) by just looking at them.

In a perfect world we would all be accepted just the way we are. There would be no judgment based on appearances and we would all wait to get to know someone before we decide what we think of them.

In a perfect world, a High Maintenance Babe with a bitchy attitude would remain date-less while a Plain Jane with a brilliant sense of humour would never find herself alone.

"Do Plain Janes with personalities get more dates than hotties with bad attitudes?"

But c'mon - this is not a perfect world and everyone passes judgment based on appearances (although some try harder than others, not to). Who are we kidding?

So, on this point I'm going to say that we are all entitled to our opinions (and judgment) and that includes Anonymous Critic - and me.
My critic's other issue is that I'm suggesting "thin-is-best" but only in the right places. In other words, its okay to be thin as long as you're not too thin.

This got me thinking. There is no universal definition of what 'too thin' is. Everyone's idea of what is thin and what is too thin is bound to differ.

As my critic mentioned, this confuses people who are only trying to keep up with society's definition of beauty. I concede - on this point Anonymous Critic is right.

So, hats off to my nameless challenger. Your comments are certainly insightful. Keep 'em coming!


Anonymous said...

It doesn't matter what everyone thinks. Beauty it in the eye of the beholder.

Anonymous said...

Not a critic! Just someone who loves a healthy workout for opinions.

I probably should have mentioned that the “you” referred to in my comments was the greater audience, and not just Trisha.

Keep the controversial issues coming!