Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Never annoy waiters!

Gosh! I'm finally able to logon properly. To be totally honest, I haven't felt like doing anything at all for ages and ages. You know how it just get into a slump and then find it so damned hard to crawl your way out again. But I decided enough was enough when the idea of washing my coffee cup after breakfast felt like a huge task looming over my head. That was terrible. So here I am, blogging again.

Something funny happened yesterday (well, it wasn't funny at the time but it seems quite hilarious now). I called a takeaway place for the first time.
This is how the conversations went:

Me: Hi. Can I place an order please?
Confused Takeaway Guy: Is this first order?
Me: Yes
CTG: Can you tell name?
Me: My name is Trisha.
CTG: Tissue?
Me: Trisha.
CTG: Tissue?
Me (at a slightly higher decibel): No,Trisha
CTG: Spell, please.
Me: T-R-I-S-H-A
CTG: Wait, wait. Is it T-I?
Me (even higher decibel): No! T-R
CTG (sounding agitated): T-I ?
Me: No, its R not I!
Me (at a eardrum shattering volume): No, R!!!!!
CTG (sounding annoyed):Huh?

On the verge of a losing my voice, I told him as calmly as I could that he could not speak English and would have to get someone who can. What I really wanted to say was that he is stupid and needs to get someone who is not but I thought the better of it at the last minute.

CTG didn't say another word but a far more cheerful guy who spoke much better English suddenly came on the line and took my order. Bonus: he got my name right the first time!

Lunch duly arrived and I was pretty pleased until, halfway through the burger, I wondered if the CTG had had a hand in preparing it. I'm given to sudden bouts of paranoia so I promptly lost my appetite coz I was CERTAIN that he would have added 'extra indgredients'. He might have licked the burger - or worse...horrors!

Binned the rest of the burger and decided that no matter how slow waiter/waitress-types are, its always a good idea to be extra polite. You wouldn't want to end up with a booger burger!! Yucccckkkk!!!

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