Thursday, October 26, 2006

I've got the brains, you've got the looks.....

"Men don't make passes at girls who wear glasses (and who are smart)" - at some level, we women believe that most men don't dig chicks with big brains.

Big boobs, definitely, big brains - big question as to whether he'll stay or go.

It has to be true. Let's face it, why else would there be all that hoopla surrounding the size of a set of mammary glands? I sincerely doubt that women want a pair of 'perfect' breasts just so they can stand in front of the mirror admiring their own bustline. Surgery and silicone is ultimately for the attention gained from the opposite sex.

Big brains on the other hand can spell big trouble in the romance department of life. Something about smart, powerful women tends to put the average man off. They seem to prefer their women with a double D cup size but brains powered by a triple A battery - and if the battery ever dies, well, no harm done!

Men who appreciate women with brains do exist, though. After all, the fact that I know Barrack Obama is not a rare kind of coffee bean you can purchase at Starbucks but an African American senator whispered to be in the next US presidential race inspires rather than intimidates The Engineer.

But from what I know from my girlfriends and from my own unfortunate past, men like these are few and far between.
I know girlfriends who experienced a decline in dates, directly in proportion with their climb up the corporate ladder.

An ex of mine told me that he was dating me 'for my looks' and 'leave the thinking' to him. In fact, he used to sing that line from the 80s Pet Shop Boys song all the time "I've got the brains, you've got the looks, let's make lots of money."

It took me a while (I was like 20 then) but I eventually realized that "I've got the brains, I've got the looks and I'll make lots of money myself, thank you very much". Needless to say, I dumped him, grew up, adopted Destiny's Child "Independent Women" as my theme song and haven't looked back since. No regrets.

But to those girls who've adopted the 'blonde' act to get and keep their men - far from condemning you I say, more power to you. I think letting a man think you're stupid when you're actually smart involves a lot more brain power than most people realize.

So to all the women who're Independent or Not, Big Boobs, Big Brains or both - as Destiny's Child says it -throw your hands up at me!


Anonymous said...

I have brains AND the boobs.. but i'm still single and dateless as ever. So what gives??

Oh well.. put your hands up it the air & wave it like you just don't care...

Power to women and bleh to wimpy men!

oreja said...

cool post. nice blog.
guess i'll bookmark your page! :)

Anonymous said...

Guess men really treasure boobs than brains. They dun like women who are highly intelligent. I dumped my ex for that same reason, as he thinks i hv BIG brains and SMALL boobs. bleah..

DolphyN said...

"I've got the brains, I've got the looks and I'll make lots of money myself, thank you very much".


I recently just blogged something similar to ur post (about independence from men and the like)...and i just laughed out when i read this line...its true that men prefer women who are less able in the brains department, cuz it feeds their ego!! My ex hated the fact that i got better grades than him...and he GLOATED when he got top grades in college. which was unfair really, but watever. haha. Independence is the way, girls!

Anonymous said...

i 100% agree. the easiest way to scare off a man is to tell him i'm a doctor. you'd think my 38DD cups would help but NO!! hahaha...! you should say big boobs and small everywhere else.. that's more accurate.

anyways, love your blog!


ps the guys who still live in the dark ages with huge egos and superficial ideals aren't worth it anyway. i'd rather be single forever

Trisha said...

Wow! Its so fab to discover that all you brainy gals out there feel the same way!!! Thanks for the thumbs up : )

I Loooovvveee men, don't get me wrong (big diff between men bashing and female empowerment) -
I just felt like I had to tell it like it is.

Yep, you guys are right. Its time we leave the Neanderthals (who find brainy women intimidating )where they belong - in the dark ages!

Sarclover said...

i actually considered being a dumb bimbo, flashing my not so impressive cleavy and bending down to pick up some lost quarters..

but then again, i say, fudge it. i figured, if you can't handle me, leave stupid worthless men!

red-applepie said...

nice post! nice post!