Thursday, October 19, 2006

Million Dollar Mistake

I've been feeling kind of ill for the past few days hence the lack of entries on my part. At first I thought it was malaria but I don't think it is - otherwise I'd be dead by now!

I was all set to curl up on the sofa and feel sorry for myself when I saw this piece of news and I was inspired to spread the word: no matter how silly you think you are, there's always someone sillier than you.

Right now this guy must feel like the biggest buffoon on Earth:

That's American casino mogul, Steve Wynn, who was all set to sell his original Picasso, the famous Dream, to an art collector for USD139million.

That was before he poked a hole in it - with his elbow! If I'd done that, I'd have broken my arm just so I could hit myself with it!

The guy was gesturing with his hands while showing it to some friends and accidentally elbowed it. Now there's a hole in it and the deal is off. Steve apparently suffers from some kind of eye problem that affects his peripheral vision.

He's being philosophical about it though. He's taking it as a sign that he's supposed to keep the painting.

You're fooling no one, Steve. We all know you'll be hard pressed to find anyone who'll pay RM5 for it now!

I think this is the best feel-good story I've heard in a long time.

I remember all those times when I've bought a top or something at Dorothy Perkins, paid full price for it and gone back the next day only to find it on sale.

It generally takes a while for me to get over losing RM50 or whatever but now my bargain blunders don't seem so bad anymore.

At least I didn't poke a hole in my priceless Picasso!

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