Monday, October 09, 2006

Poor old Trisha

I know this is totally evil of me and she is going to really hit me with her giant heavy handbag when she gets back, but I actually find poor old Trisha’s lack of electricity thing quite funny (so many of you dear readers are gonna hate me for this too aren’t you?)

I mean, I feel really shitty for her too because I couldn’t last half an hour without electricity, but just thinking of gorgeous, darling, diva Trisha stuck in a place that schedules power outages is so ironic and tragic, it’s almost quite funny. (Also it's slightly irritating knowing that she can breathe in fresh air, so she won't need the air conditioning anyway - haze is just too awful over here at the moment and she sure dunno how lucky she is being far away by nice seasidey air!)

I suppose it would make more sense if you knew what Trisha was like – she is a Vogue front cover, all the time (and I mean that in a good way). And imagining Vogue in a place with no working ventilators, air conditioner, TV, computers or even coffee machine is so ironic and tragic, it’s almost quite funny, right?

Also, partly because a selfish part of me is like, “HAHA see, now you have to come back to KL and hang out with meeeee and 24-hour electricity instead of the lions!!!!” (I miss my best pal! *sob*)

Poor Trisha.

Come home lah. Tenaga Nasional loves you (and isn’t even that expensive to have).

Trixie xxx

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Trisha said...

Trixie!!!! Miss you tooo!!! And miss Tenaga so much. Sigh!

But am trying very HARD to be Zen about the whole thing and remain a nice diva and not a bitchy diva.

Problem is, I've already had a few bitchy diva rants with The Engineer and he is not amused : )

Your wish is coming true, though. Am SO fed up with this place that I'm going to book our ticket home for Dec this week...the thought of it cheers me up. I love fabulous M'sia - haze or no haze!