Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Back to the Gym

I just got back from the gym and feel so rejuvenated that I feel I have to write about it while its all still fresh in my mind.

To begin with, I never realized how much I missed going for classes but I should set the record straight. I'm not one of those who is out to bench press a Kelisa. I have no intention of achieving this look....

I mean, yikes!!!!. I'm more into this look….

Its the reason why I force my butt off the couch and into the gym, even though the one I attend here, in Dar, is not exactly what you would call 'a state of the art establishment'

Admittedly, the place is a little shabbier than Fitness First (alright, a lot shabbier). The wall to wall glass is cracked in some places and the steppers look like they have seen better days.

I thought I would hyperventilate when I noticed there was no air conditioning. A 3pm class in Dar es Salaam without air conditioning would be like working out on inside a sauna, in the middle of the Gobi Desert. Fortunately, they did have fans which turned out to be suprisingly effective.

The thing that really grabbed my attention was how small and personalised the class was and there was none of that strutting about and posing that you get in most fitness centers in KL. Remember I wrote about this before?

(Before you gym bunnies get all hot and bothered around your bunny ears, let me just say that strutting and posing is all well and good for some people but its just not for me. So let's just make peace that we have a difference of opinion and leave it at that, okay?)

I just didn't realize what bad shape I'm in right now. Today's class was -horror of horrors - Step. Now, don't get me wrong, Step is just great mainly because it really, really buuurrrnsss the fat away but boy is it tough when you're out of shape.

If Step classes were comparable to a school system, today's class would be kindergarten (as opposed to the ones in KL which are generally somewhere near Ph.D level).

But I still huffed and puffed through the class and had to drink copious amounts of water every now and again just so that I would have an excuse to stop for a few minutes! That's one of the problems of a small class, everyone notices if you're a weakling and unable to keep up with the rest!

I'm going back for more torture later this week, despite my weak state. If you don't see any entries for some time, I probably collapsed in the kindergarten-level Step class and am recuperating somewhere. Hope that doesn't happen though…think of the shame!


dragonfly wings said...

I know what you mean. Used to 'die' in Step classes. Worst when the instructor knows you and shouts your name out whenever u take a mini-break in between huffing and puffing. *cringes at thought*

But the adrenaline rush and the compliments that come after u've toned up is worth it. ;D

Esmeri said...

What NO AIRCON????? You are very brave !!!

Dolly said...

I am so damn jealous you get to do step even in sweltering 3pm heat. My screwed up leggy legs are still not letting me do any step... it's become so dire, I'm now even DREAMING about BodyStep while I sleep. When I heard BodyStep songs in the malls, I start tapping my feet and doing the steps from memory - I've obviously become far too obsessed... which is what caused the leg injuries in the first place. Apparently, you CAN do too much exercise... so take it easy!