Monday, November 06, 2006


Okay, so here's something that totally threw me today.

I was chatting away to a friend online about The Desirable Colleague and he starts telling me that he's seen the way we interact.

Apparently an expert on body language he started outlining how I would stand slightly leant backwards and away, and The Colleague would stand all straight with his chest puffed up like Superman.

I was all, "Eeeww so mars and venus."

THEN he starts telling me all about my flirt technique. "You're like Bambi."

So I said, "Yuck. The only thing I think of when I think of Bambi is this dumb, clumsy deer who's all legs and falling everywhere."

He said, "Yah, but consider how clumsy you get when you're flirting."

I was thinking, gee, is that supposed to be a compliment, an insult, an objective observation? What? Good think this was all online, or I may have smacked him. I said, "errrrr okay, that's not very nice."

"Yah, but it's endearing, mah! You're like a banshee in bambi's clothing."

Fabulous. Not only am I a clumsy, dopey adolescent deer, but also a type of screeching, scary monster.

But anyway the insults are not what threw me. With this friend, you kind of get used to it - you learn to accept it as some kind of twisted truth. What did throw me was the fact that somebody actually saw me as being Bambi in the first place.

The whole endearing, shy girly-girl thing is so not me and I can't bear girls who do the giggling, and hair curling and gentle shoving. blek. And then, it seems, I am not far off. Not as bad but still, carrying some or any of those traits is frightening enough. Scary, that even the most independent of Independent Girls can, apparently turn all doe-eyed and ridiculous.

I was turning into one of them. Arg.

Ah but then, what's a girl to do when she has a silly infatuation? Surely, half the fun is in the theatrics and grand gestures and acting up? I just didn't quite think it'd be as bad as being Bambi.


bbkph said...

Well lets hope, the man you "stupid girlling" for is a vegan... if he was a carnivore he might just share you with his BEST FRIEND, both will gobble you up and not even spit out the bones....

....then again..... Bambi might like it... or the Banshee might just GOBBLE THEM UP and swallow them whole ...ahem

Cleo-Jean said...

I think you just want to out on the idea that you are loud, independent, rebellious and strong, but you are just a real bambi inside - all soft, cuddly and sweet. As far as I am concerned, you have the deadliest combo. Lure them in, confuse them and then melt them down. Which man would stand a chance - Un-Desirable colleague or otherwise.