Thursday, November 16, 2006

I think I killed Botha!

I forgot to tell you guys about this one. Remember my trip to South Africa? Well, I was walking along inside the apartheid museum when I happened upon a picture of former President of South Africa, P.W Botha.

You can click on this if you want to know the role he played during the apartheid years in SA

I asked Girlfriend, who is Africkaner, what happened to Botha and she replied that he's alive and living somewhere in South Africa. Without thinking, I blurted out " After all that he's done, I can't believe he's still alive and living here!"

Well the very next day, we're walking merrily along in a shopping mall when we chanced upon this headline….(btw Groot Krokodil was his nickname and it means Great Crocodile in the Afrikaans language)

The instant we saw it, Girlfriend and I remembered what I had said the day before. For some reason, we just couldn't stop laughing (although my laughter was tinged with a bit of horror).

It was almost as if the old man keeled over and died just because I said so (despite my personal opinion of him, which was not good, I didn't want to KILL the guy!). He had lived through riots and hundreds of other life or death situations but it looks like he didn't bargain for Trisha and her big mouth!

Deciding to put my newly discovered powers to good use, I kept chanting "we're going to win the lottery" the rest of the day but I'm sorry to report that we had no luck. It could have been that I had used up my powers on poor Botha but I rather think it was because we didn't buy a lottery ticket.

Either way, I haven't given up yet. Now I've taken to chanting "I'm going to be a published author" and "I can eat as much chocolate as I want and never gain a kilogram."

I'll keep you posted on the former coz it hasn't worked on the latter!


Yzerfontein said...

Well done on finding some humour in a dark situation (although I'm not sure that PW Botha would approve of the adjective 'dark')

Trisha said...

LOL!!! That's funny!

A "dark" situation certainly calls for some "dark" humour, I think ; )
With all these double entendres, poor Botha must turning in his grave!

Phillip said...

Africkaner is spelt Afrikaaner, although google says it is spelt with only one "a" I think it is with two "a's"

I kinda like the "Africkaner" if pronounced Africk-aner.

Trisha said...

Hmmm..if you are who I think you are then I shall follow your advice since you know what you're talking about!

In fact I meant to use the double 'a' was a typo...thanks for the info : )