Thursday, December 21, 2006

Loving you is a dirty job....

Call me simple but I have realized (since my last post and promises of writing more often) that 24-hour electricity is of no use when you do not have easy access to the internet!

Anyways, I am now at the Toyota Service Centre and spied an Internet Corner so I rushed over.

Since I arrived home two weeks ago I have realized that:

1. Citibank SUCKS! The people in there are RUDE and patronizing. Yes I know some people never pay their bills but Citibank should get a grip and learn the difference between the people who are avoiding payment and the ones who are simply overdue because of valid reasons (namely me!)

2. Maxis also sucks. There are about 3 people who actually know their job while the rest languish about giving you this line "that is our procedure". This is in answer to ANY question you may have. Plus they terminate your phone line when they promised to SUSPEND it!!!

3. Driving sucks. People are even worse than I remember six months ago. We were nearly run over twice in ten minutes because some idiots do not remember how to use indicators.

4. Working out sucks. If you haven't been going to the gym regularly you'll really suffer at the Fitness First step class. I can't feel my legs at this point!

I know, I know, I'm bitchin' and whinin' but despite everything, I'm STILL glad I'm back home.

KL - sometimes loving you is a dirty job but someone's got to do it!!!

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