Saturday, December 16, 2006

Too Big For My Boobs

I told you I'm going to write more regularly.... : )

Interestingly enough, despite the passage of time, some things have remained exactly the same in KL - for instance inept sales assistants are still alive and well! It seems that they're still adept at inadvertently insulting the ladies who dare to venture into the women's departments at the malls.

As proof, here's an account of my recent run-in with a typical sales girl at a Wacoal counter in Metrojaya

Me (holding up chosen brassiere): Can I have this one please?

Assistant Girl: You sure that one your size, ah?

Trisha: Yes, I just tried it on just now

AG (whipping out a tape measure): Wait, wait, lemme measure first…. I think that wan too big lah!

Trisha: No, its okay, I know my size…

AG (with a doubtful expression): Okay loh. You wan matching panty or not?

Me: Yes please. Can I have a medium, please?

AG (casting an all encompassing glance at me): I think you better take large lah!

Me: No, I want a medium

AG: No, large

This went on for a what felt like two hours but eventually the 'helpful' sales assistant decided that I wasn't going to give in and went prowling around for her next victim.

I would normally be ready to scream but I was so happy to be in the land of 24-hour electricity that even annoying sales girls cease to be annoying.

Some things never change… but despite the traffic jams and thuderstorms, annoying sales girls and lack of parking, KL is still home and there's no place like it!


naveena said...

amen to that! I'm only realizing it now coz it's the first time i've actually been out of the country for more than 5 weeks. Gosh, i can;t wait to get back!

Trisha said...

Its so true isn't it? You won't mind even the traffic jams when you're languishing in someone else's country for long enough!