Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! Woo hoo!!!! Hope 2007 brings all things you wish for!

Trixie is off in Bangkok and I really got a scare last night when I heard about the bombs going off around the city. The worst part was when I tried to call herand couldn't get through. As the reigning Miss Paranoia I started to totally panic and then realized that the more I thought something bad had happened the more negativity I'd be lending to the situation.

At the end Trixie was her usual happy self and all was well.

It made me realize, all the more, that New Year is not about resolutions and parties (although those are really fun) but its about the people you love.

Its been said many times before but my New Year wish for all is Happiness, Health, Love and Laughter to all of you in 2007!

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delphynus said...

and the same wonderful wishes to the both of u too!

cheers! :)