Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Life Ain't Fair

Although I've known this for my entire adult life (and about half of my teenage years), it's still a bitter pill to swallow - life isn't fair!

If you think I'm going to cite as an example, a promotion for which I was in line for but undeservedly went to some lazy punk who didn't know her arse from her elbow, you would be wrong (that really did happen by the way but that's not what I'm talking about here). I'm talking about something far more important - the Golden Globe Awards.

I am outraged! No - really!!!

Hellooowww people! Did anyone notice the Enormous Error that occured in the category for Best Performance for an Actor in a Musical/Comedy?

The winner was - Sacha Baron Cohen formerly known as Ali.G and currently known as the funniest man on the silver screen. I say pshawwww!!!!

Don't get me wrong. Borat is funny in a "I like to wash my face with water from the toilet bowl and pick my nose in public" kind of way. In other words, when it comes to comedy, Borat is to crass the way Frasier is to classy.

For those who know me, you know why this is especially a sting because Sacha won when he was up against my favourite actor of all time and one whom I believe takes the art of being a thespian to a whole other level, Johnny Depp (it also doesn't hurt that he's insanely good looking).

Johnny's not only brilliant in Pirates of the Carribean (and almost every other movie he's been in) he has the added advantage of having a face that inspires the audience to want to continue watching the movie as opposed to inspiring the audience to find the nearest loo to throw up in. Alright - maybe Sacha is more disgusting than ugly but you get my drift.

Sigh - what is the world coming to when Sacha Baron Cohen wins a Golden Globe for Borat, no less? Maybe I don't get some hidden artistic value to Borat but if I don't instantly see the artistic value of kissing your sister like she's your lover (his character did this in the movie), I probably never will.

If we can't win on the big issues (environment, animal extinction, world hunger) I would have thought that we could at least get it right on the frivolous ones.

It really is hard living in a world where this

is recognized and rewarded over this

Go figure!

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