Monday, January 15, 2007

Water and dust are not good bedfellows

It really looks like rebuilding my Zen Bubble isn't going to be as easy as I thought!

Today some of the workers in the apartment building came over to fix a water heater for the kitchen tap. Before I carry on any further, let me tell you that:

1. I never asked for a water heater in the kitchen

2. I don't need a water heater in the kitchen and in fact

3. I actively don't want a water heater in the kitchen

Apparently, a demanding former tenant had insisted that the kitchen tap should provide hot water. The weird thing is that his demands are being met even though he has long since been asked to leave the building - go figure!

Anyways, the workers turn up and start working in the kitchen. Predictably, water splashed everywhere and since they had to use a drill under the sink tons of dust particles and bits of cement were strewn all over the floor. The water and dust mixture formed a ghastly paste which was further spread over the kitchen floor as the workers stepped on it and moved about...

I had stayed out of their way during their time in the kitchen and was blissfully unaware of the chaos until after they left. Grrrrrr!!!!

Since the maid is scheduled to arrive tomorrow, I've spent the better part of my afternoon in close personal contact with my broom and mop.

I suddenly long for the days when my editor used to breathe down my neck wanting to know if my article would be ready before the deadline.

Come to think of it as I hold this mop in my hand, his habit of interrupting my work by sending inter office messages ,every five minutes, actually seems quite charming now!

So much for expat living!

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