Monday, February 19, 2007

The Big Detox

Why the heck do people put themselves through torture in the name of good health?

I'm asking myself this question coz right now I'm on this annoying detox diet which, no doubt, I shall regret being on in about a couple of hours. It consists of eating mostly raw vegetables, fruits and water. I feel a headache coming on just thinking about it!

Who wants to eat this:

When you can eat this:
I can't even look at that chocolate picture directly in case I cave and run out for some!!!

I'm pretty sure that it's all going to go downhill coz I suffer (read that Suffer!!!!) from low blood sugar and have to keep eating sweets to keep everything balanced. A good friend pointed out the other day that carbohydrates (such as crackers) will do a much better job than sweets in keeping my blood sugar levels up but who the heck wants a couple of crackers when you can have Lindt chocolate in the name of health?

Anyway, all that is out the window now that I've decided to go on this 7 day Detox which consists of living mainly on fruits (not bad), raw veges (worse) and parsley water (kill me - kill me now!!!)

I would consider quitting but there are others who are also on the same darn diet namely The Engineer, Boss and Girlfriend.

I wouldn’t know "where to put my face" if I failed while everyone else succeeded. I'm just praying that I'll notice some weight loss so I'll be inspired to keep going on this insane plan.

This thing better be worth it!

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