Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Pole Pole Central

Pole pole is swahili for slowly slowly and I've discovered that much like 'lepak' in Malaysia, pole pole is very much a part of the local Tanzanian culture. It should be on their flag.

Here's an example of pole pole in action:

I don't really employ a full-time maid over here but since I'm terrible at mopping and sweeping (am better at laundry and dishes), I got a local lady to help.

Now, I don't like people looking over my shoulder when I'm working so I hardly ever watch what Rose is doing when she's cleaning the house. I'm usually at the computer doing some writing or replying mail.

Yesterday, however, I wasn't feeling well and was relegated to the couch in front of the TV. I couldn't help but notice when she appeared in the living room armed with the mop. Previously, I had thought that I was the one who was the Queen of Slow Mopping

Henceforth, I shall step down from my reign and pass over that crown to Rose. I swear, I counted 1 to 5 between the time she pushed the mop left to when she pushed it right - all over the very same area on the floor! In other words, she took a full 10 seconds on just one small spot on the floor. This might not seem that bad but it is - trust me!Now I know why she never manages to finish the entire house in one morning...

I must admit she does a good job (anyone who takes that damn long on just one spot on the floor is at least doing a thorough job) but I think Rose is taking pole-pole a bit too far!

Needless to say, I shall be replacing Rose with someone who is not pole-pole but perhaps just pole. Hey, slowly has got to be better than slowly slowly, right?

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