Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Post Detox

The Detox is finally over and I lost a grand total of....drrrrumrrroooolll.....2 kg! Alright, that's not much but it is nice to see that the scale moved after all that trouble.

I can't begin to describe how tired I am of eating raw fruits and vegetables. As Girlfriend pointed out, we're all close to 'carrot poisoning.'

However, post detox, a strange phenomenon has come to my attention. All of us who went on the diet now find it a little hard to eat stuff that's oily, buttery or sweet. How awful is that?!

The Engineer and I went for a big breakfast to celebrate after the last day of detox and found we could hardly eat any of our bacon, eggs and toast. It looked lovely, tasted absolutely delicious but we couldn't get it down our throats.

It is only then that we realized (with horror) that the detox had kind of changed our taste. Oily stuff just felt too 'heavy' and normally sweet coffee tasted like someone had dumped a factory of sugar into the cup.

It's been a few days now since we've been eating normal food so we're slowly regaining our taste for all those lovely, wonderful, absolutely unhealthy stuff (like triple chocolate brownies and spaghetti bolognaise).

Unfortunately, I tend to feel strangely guilty everytime I eat a little more than I should. I'm terrified that I'm going to turn into a vegan freak who's super thin but drives everyone crazy because she can't eat this or that.

I want to lose weight, not my social life! Besides, who wants to just eat this

and say no to this

for the rest of their lives?

So I've decided to take Buddha's advice and walk down the middle path - enjoy the food but not stuff my face.

Maybe if I had thought of doing this from the start, I wouldn't have had to endure the detox in the first place!


goingRAWr! said...

hi trisha!
despite being friends with trixie i have never personally had the pleasure of meeting you but i do very much enjoy reading allagirlwants.

i'm raw vegan (yes you may now label me as a freak) so i know what you're going through. i have been falling off the wagon quite a bit though, mainly because i'm getting bored, despite all my books on raw. however i must say it is the BEST thing i have done for my health ever and i'm sticking to it.. i'm aiming to get to 100% raw one day like i was in the first 4 weeks of it.

middle path is good but the problem with cooked foods, esp the ones you like, is that you are eating for taste and therefore don't know when to stop. and eating cooked actually makes you hungrier.

anyways, well done for getting through the detox and hope that your food adventures fare well!

Trisha said...

Dear Goingrawr,

Thanks for your supportive feedback. I admit, sometimes it just feels like I'm talking to myself so it's good to hear someone out there is actually reading this blog!

Far from calling you a freak I must say I take my hat off to you for having the discipline and the will to be a raw vegan - more power to you!!! I hardly lasted a few days!!

You say you're a friend of Trixie's? I would love to meet you sometime. Then we can xchange the pros and cons of vegan/detox diets : )

goingRAWr! said...

yeah i went to primary school with trixie back in the day. we were out last week and figured we had known each other for 20 years, which made us feel REALLY DAMN OLD LAH!

i think it's awesome that you moved to a place that i can't imagine would be easy to live in, and it seems you're doing pretty well. i love your attitude.

i don't know why more ppl don't read this blog. it's miles better than any of the other trash out there. i guess people like trash :( poo to that!

sure if you're ever back in kl, i'd love to meet you too. talking about food is always great! amongst other things..

be well!