Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Valentine Sshmelentine

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day. I don't know if it's because I'm old and bitter or just a realist (although I secretly think realist is just another word to describe those who are old and bitter) but Valentine's day has totally no meaning for me. This is a bit strange since I'm quite a girly girl and really love all things girly - except for that flowers, chocolate and candlelight dinner nonsense on Valentine's Day

I mean cupid, my ass! Someone should stick an arrow in his behind before taking it away from him altogether! That cherub has no idea how to pair people off when you think about the number of badly matched, unhappy and divorced couples running around!

Don't get me wrong, I wasn't always an unbeliever. When I was in school I used to wait in anticipation, from Jan 1, for February 14 hoping to receive a card or single red rose or something. This never happened.

It could be no one approached because I was considered to be one of the goody-goody ones who studied hard so everyone thought I wouldn't have time for Valentine's Day. It also could be that I went to a Convent school and there were no boys there.

Oh wait! A suppressed memory has resurfaced - I did receive a single red rose - once- when I was 14 and it scared the crap out of me because the card said that it was from my secret admirer and the person who gave it to me was - a girl!

I cried my eyes out when I got home because even though I wasn't too sure exactly what being gay entailed(we were rather backward back then), I was damn sure I didn't subscribe to it.

As it turned out, the girl claimed she just admired my ability to do well at school! I didn't get it. A simple - "Hey Trisha, congrats on being 2nd in class " would have sufficed. Instead she had to go buy me a rose? I tried to brush her off for the rest of the school year but she never did get the message ( I was kinda selfish and cruel in the old days). Thankfully, she found a new victim to hover over, after a while.

I eventually stopped waiting for cards and flowers and when they did finally arrive for me (when I was dating in uni), it seemed really childish and unnecessary. I wouldn't call myself unromantic but forking out hundreds of ringgit for a dinner and a bunch of roses which are going to be dead in a couple of days seems really foolish to me.

When I got married to another Valentine's Day realist it all kinda fit. There was that one time when we tried doing the candlelight dinner thing but since we'reValentine's Day novices, we didn't plan it in advance. Big mistake!

We ended up running all over town looking for a 'romantic' place that wasn't chock full of 'romantic couples' all squished shoulder to shoulder in the restaurant. I don't see how anyone can feel romantic when you and your partner are trying your best to ignore the 50 other couples in the restaurant who are eating (these places always offer a Valentine's set menu) exactly what you are!

Anyways, we finally gave up, took out some Happy Meals and ended up lighting a couple of candles and eating it at home. To date, I think it was the best Valentine's Day I've ever had!


Anonymous said...

I like valentines day cause I like love… strike that, I LOVE love

Valentines only gets gross when you buy into the whole commercial side of it… NEVER go out for dinner on valentines day. The service is terrible and being squished together with a whole heap of people who mean nothing to you is not my idea of romance. And roses! Paying 5times what you usually would and having every 3rd person in the office get exactly the same thing is NOT the way to show you care.

So what is my idea of a perfect Valentines day? Being with someone I adore (and tell them that at least weekly), watermelon in bed for break. Maybe shower together, do your normal daily thing and finish up with an easy meal, the stereo on and of course some hot sex on the lounge.

Trisha said...

I like your ideas....especially the parts where you casually include showering together and sex - not in bed - but on the lounge!

Looks like you are definitely having one heck of a Valentine's Day!