Monday, March 05, 2007

Food Extremist

It seems to me that I might be developing a really unhealthy relationship with food.

Immediately following my detox, I managed to maintain a semblance of healthy eating with lots of fruits and more vegetables than usual in my daily diet. Unfortunately, I have since fallen off the bandwagon and am now craving sweet, unhealthy desserts, sugar and fried stuff. Yikes!

I'm in the midst of trying to fight off this sudden onslaught and I must say I have not succeeded thus far.

It all started to go downhill when The Engineer and I dined at Dar Es Salaam's poshest restaurant on Saturday night. It was a long overdue wedding anniversary celebration. I would have survived if not for that dratted dessert.

It was this heavenly melted chilly chocolate with white chocolate balls dipped in coconut cream. Anyone who thinks chilly and chocolate don't go together have obviously not tasted the combination.

Since there were three large chocolate balls I couldn't eat all of it. Any dieter who knows what's good for them would have thought "to hell with world hunger, I'm not going to get fat just so as not to waste the food on my plate," and left well enough alone.

I, of course, did no such thing. I made the waiter pack up the two enormous white chocolate balls that were left on my plate and ate them the next day.

I've been regretting that decision ever since. I now feel like running out and buying tons of chocolate and eating it all till I'm sick.

I scrounged around my refrigerator and found a couple of bars of white chocolate just a moment ago. After hesitating for a full minute I ended up eating half a bar but hated myself the moment I put it into my mouth.

I really think I'm turning into some sort of food extremist. I'm either totally depriving myself or I'm stuffing my face. Looks like I'm either going to be a fat cow or shrink into oblivion.


Anonymous said...

Ha Ha Ha :-)
I'm reading this while I'm eating a packet of potato crisps. So much for my diet.

DolphyN said...

u've got me feeling guilty as well...haha....dang.....i've been trying to keep sweet/oily/fried/anything else that falls under the same category stuff out of my diet but to no avail. Instead i've found myself eating more n more choc,croissants,cookies, etc.