Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Slipping over the hill

I am freaking out right now!!! I'm very nearly Over The Hill!!!! It's alright when someone else is that sweet old lady, above, but it's not so funny when you realize that it's you!

I never knew this but a quick way to discover if you're officially an old person(other than pay attention to any grey hair on your head and if there are wrinkles appearing between your toes) is to fill up one of those online forms.

I'm sure you know which kind of form I'm talking about. They've got all these little 'drop down menus' which you can click 'n choose. For instance, if you're ordering something from Amazon, you have to click on the drop down menu to choose which country you want the books shipped to so Malaysia will be listed somewhere below Malawi but above Mozambique.

It's fine if all you have to do is to choose a country but what about the forms that require your birth date?

I am in the midst of filling one now. It's for Emirates and I normally cringe when it comes to forms but I heard that frequent flier miles gets you bumped up to first class. It was then a case of Lazy Trisha vs Diva Trisha and Diva Trisha won out. Lazy Trisha may not be willing to brave annoying online forms for a first class flight back to Kay-el but Diva Trisha sure is!

What I didn't bargain for is the fact that I have to now brave my imminent crossover into being well and truly old!

I clicked on the menu that listed birth years. When you click once, there are about 30 years listed beginning with 1991 going backward to the 60s. If you're born before the 60s you'll have to scroll down the menu. Otherwise you only have to click once and your year will appear straightaway (coz you'd be born within 30 years of 1991).

While I didn't have to scroll down the menu (thank goodness!) I noticed that I'm getting closer and closer to the bottom of that list! I tried to avoid it by not filling up that portion of the form but then an accusatory, horrible appeared "Enter the year of your birth!". Awful!

I don't smoke and and I'm not about to start now to ease this stress. After all there's only one thing worse than an old hag and that's an old hag with a fag in her mouth! So I'm going to chew on something sweet till I feel better.

Note to self: Never fill up online forms first thing in the morning because it's most probably going to ruin the rest of the day.

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