Sunday, April 29, 2007

Back Home!

Goodness! I have been SO bad with posting anything. I wonder if anyone out there is even reading this anymore : (

So sorry but I've actually came home to Kayel last weekend and like a true Malaysian, I've been enveloping myself in culinary delights (read: nasi kandar, char kway teow, yong tau foo and homemade curries) to have much time to do anything else!

The only time I've been out properly was last Friday night. Trixie, The Engineer, me and Trixie's very cute, very young-looking (although he's in his mid-thirties) friend went out to this place called Palate Palette (or is it Palette Palate?). Super cool murals on the wall and most importantly super potent lychee martinis! I am SO going to make them when I get back to Dar!

Bit of a mission to get on the net when I'm back home hence my long silence. Will try to post again as soon as I get myself organised. Meanwhile, am loving it back here in good 'ol Kuala Lumpur!

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Totally Random Thoughts

First Random Thought:
As a kid, I used to be really confused by the saying "when the going gets tough, the tough get going." I actually thought it meant that when things got hard, the tough get up and leave but I never managed to figure out where they actually went. I know, I wasn't the brightest bulb on the shelf!

Eventually I learned the real meaning of the phrase but it's never been one of my favourites. I prefer my own version : "when the going gets tough, the smart start leaving". Sounds cowardly but at least you keep yourself out of trouble!

Second Random Thought:
I have no idea why short versions of some names have nothing to do with the full version.

The whole point of shortening someone's name is to do just that - shorten it. Logic would dictate that short versions should be literally a shorter form of the full name likeTrisha/Trish and Trixie/Trix.

But did you know that the short version of William is Bill (Clinton's full name is William Jefferson Clinton)? How stupid is that? Why can't it just be Will? Even worse - the short version of Richard is Dick! Who in their right mind would give up Richard (which is quite a nice name) and start answering to Dick? Everyone knows it's another word for a part of a man's anatomy that usually does most of the thinking for the man.

Guess what? I just realized that Monica Lewinsky had her way with Will Clinton's Richard! Okay, I'm totally getting too random! Time to get some sleep!

Monday, April 16, 2007

The Edge of Heaven

This probably means that I'm old but I remember a time when the word gay meant just that - gay. It didn't describe a lifestyle choice or sexual orientation. It just meant happy.

That was the time when gay people where described as queer and the guys from Queer Eye would have met the same fate as the Jake Gyllenhaal's character on Brokeback Mountain.

The other day a bunch of us who grew up in the 80s were discussing how silly we were not to have picked up that something was different about George Michael. I'm talking about George Michael as he originally appeared on the world stage - as one half of Wham!

I had such a HUGE crush on those guys! I couldn't decide whom I loved more - George Michael or Andrew Ridgeley (the talentless half of the duo whom I suspect played 'air' guitar most of the time). I actually cried when they released their final album, Edge of Heaven. I was such a geek!

How could we have collectively missed that George Michael was gay, gay, gay?! Just look at him during his Wham! days:

Even if we were all totally ignorant in the 80s, I still didn't catch on in the 90s:

You could use the guy's beard in geometry class coz it's so straight! Little did I know that that was the only straight thing about him. In fact, I was totally caught off guard when it finally came out that he'd come out of the closet. I felt almost like he'd cheated me out of all my girlhood dreams.... I was such a big fan.

But no matter how stupid and ignorant we all were back in the 80s, the youth of the previous generation must feel even more stupid and ignorant. I'm refering to the Village People. Just look at what they missed:

Even if everyone else in the group seemed okay, the guy in the blue shirt, the cowboy and the policeman should have given people some sort of indication that these weren't just ordinary guys!
The innocence of youth - sometimes that's a good thing and at other times it just means that George Michael and the Village People are able to pull wool over your eyes for decades!

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everybody! Happy easter egg huntin' and chocolate egg eatin'!

The E! Channel, which I watch rather religously, is celebrating Easter by having a Girls of the Playboy Mansion marathon. Playboy bunny - get it? *Grins*

In my book this bunny....

is hardly a replacement for this one....

but hey, maybe I'm just being old-fashioned!

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Bad Vibes and Vegetarians

I'm going to reveal a well-kept secret. It's well-kept because anyone who reveals it is going to offend quite a good portion of the general population. Here goes:

It's hard to be friends with vegetarians.

There, I said it. I mean, what's vegetarianism all about anyway? Granted, going green is good for you and in some cases, people do it for religous reasons but it sure ain't gonna help your social life! Things get really complicated when you have vegetarians as friends.

To be fair, I've never really known a catty vegetarian or a bitchy vegetarian or even a very gossipy vegetarian. In fact, they all seem to have really calm, peaceful personalities (probably because they're vegetarian!) They're great as friends... that is until you have to have a meal with them. It's just hard work eating with vegetarians because you've always got to remember that they can't eat this, that or the other!

In uni, we had a couple of these vegetarians hanging around the rest of us meat-eaters. Our campus was 20 km away from the nearest big town and it was always a big treat to go there for lunch on weekends.

Then these vegetarians would somehow find out about our plans (despite our best efforts at keeping it a secret) and invite themselves. For some reason everyone was always dying for Kentucky Fried Chicken but the vegetarians would ruin everything. We usually ended up eating chinese vegetarian food which isn't all that bad but it isn't KFC either!

I remembered that particular episode because Girlfriend recently put together a seafood dinner for a bunch of us at her place. There is this one Indian guy who is nice in every other respect except for the fact that he's a dratted vegetarian.

I had to cook a special dish for him which, I think, didn't turn out very well. This was not because I had added to much salt or anything but because it was filled with bad vibes - I complained and grumbled the entire time the pot was on the stove. Then I felt so guilty about it because he seemed so sincerely grateful that I had put in the extra effort. Poor guy!

To be fair most vegetarians don't really expect special attention and will gladly eat whatever they get their hands on but it's a bit cruel if you're chomping on your Big Mac while your vegetarian friend picks on a potato salad, isn't it?

Maybe I'm making a big deal out of nothing here but anyone who has had to plan a barbeque for 20 normal people and one vegetarian is definitely going to sympathise with me!