Sunday, April 29, 2007

Back Home!

Goodness! I have been SO bad with posting anything. I wonder if anyone out there is even reading this anymore : (

So sorry but I've actually came home to Kayel last weekend and like a true Malaysian, I've been enveloping myself in culinary delights (read: nasi kandar, char kway teow, yong tau foo and homemade curries) to have much time to do anything else!

The only time I've been out properly was last Friday night. Trixie, The Engineer, me and Trixie's very cute, very young-looking (although he's in his mid-thirties) friend went out to this place called Palate Palette (or is it Palette Palate?). Super cool murals on the wall and most importantly super potent lychee martinis! I am SO going to make them when I get back to Dar!

Bit of a mission to get on the net when I'm back home hence my long silence. Will try to post again as soon as I get myself organised. Meanwhile, am loving it back here in good 'ol Kuala Lumpur!


Naveena said...

Just so you know, YES, your blog is read...every now and then. So, don't stop writing..even if there're long periods of silence =)

Trisha said...

It's so good to know that someone is still tuning in to my loony ramblings!

Thanks, Naveena : )

Co0kiE m0n said...

We are still reading it haha :D

Anonymous said...

Still reading your blog. Catching up every few weeks. :-)